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The Battle Begins

by Chris Christensen

Originally from: Chris Christensen <pastorc@bigsky.net>

Originally dated: 20 Feb. 1998

Even as I am pouring out my Spirit on all flesh, so also is the prince of darkness intensifying his efforts to destroy you. The battle has begun in earnest. Make no mistake, says the Lord, this is war. And there will be many casualties and much spiritual bloodshed. I have begun to give you clear battle strategies for seizing the assets of the enemy and tearing down strongholds. I have called you to corporate prayer for families, for church bodies, for cities, for states, and for nations. I am revealing the plans and purposes of the enemy with which he would deceive you. And I am raising up watchmen who will sound the alarm and ring out the battle cry. Fear not for I am with you to the end. I have already paid the price. Victory is assured. Do not be moved by what you see, or what you hear, or what you feel. The battle is spiritual. Your weapons are spiritual. It is not by power, nor by might, but by my Spirit says the Lord. Soon I will stir up the nations with signs in the heavens, and in the earth, and under the earth. The battle lines will become more clearly defined to all who have ears to hear my Spirit. Yet many will fall away and say, "where is the Lord in all this? Why isn't He doing something?" These things must come that your faith might be proven. Have I not said that without faith it is impossible to please me? You are still walking by sight and not by faith, says the Lord. You are still carnally minded. Soon also will come an all out attack on my church. The kingdom of darkness will amass to tear down the church structure. Those who are not rooted and grounded upon the rock of my Son will fall away. There will soon be a concerted effort to eliminate all financial and moral rights you have. Organizations who obey my Word and speak my truth regarding sexual perversions and life-styles will be outlawed as illegal and shut down. The church will lose tax exempt privileges and many doors will close. Freedom of assembly will soon become restricted. Again I say to you, prepare for war. The battle lines are clearly drawn, says the Lord. Yet I will move on behalf of my bride in awesome and manifest power in these days. For the harvest has begun and it is time to reap. I am bringing unity to my body. Denominational and cultural lines are being erased. My church is on the move in every nation like never before, says the Lord. I am about to move in ways that you could never conceive. Much has remained hidden until this day, but I am about to reveal more of my glory. I will soon pour out my Spirit with greater measure and intensity, says the Lord. And it will reveal even deeper areas of my working in you. You have asked for more. "More, Lord" is the cry of your heart. Yet you do not know what you are really saying. For I desire to give you more, and I am going to pour out more. More love. More power. More fire. More pruning. More purging. More judgment. More blessing. More refining. More signs and wonders. More of a spirit of repentance. More of a spirit of intercession. More cost. And more commitment. I am the God of more. Remember that to whomever more is given, more is required, says the Lord. The day of the Lord is soon to be upon you. My Son is preparing for the wedding. Even now He gazes upon His soon-to-be bride with longing and anticipation. Keep your lamps trimmed and filled. These are the days of revelation. Let him who has ears to hear, hear what I reveal through my prophets in these days. Let no one deceive you with vain and empty words. Again I say to you, let him who has ears to hear, hear what I am saying to my church, says the Lord. (Then the Lord told me to read Revelation 19.)

Pastor Chris Christensen

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