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by Chris Christensen

Originally from: Chris Christensen <pastorc@bigsky.net>

Originally dated: 20 Feb. 1998

Behold, I am shaking everything that can be shaken, says the Lord. Commitments that are shallow will melt away. Relationships that are superficial will die. Some will scatter and some will stay, but no longer will I allow you to play church. No longer will I allow you to come and put on church like an old pair of slippers. For I am forever taking you out of your comfort zone and stretching you, says the Lord. Many will forsake you because of me. But I will never leave you nor forsake you, says the Lord. And I will cause many around you to stand firm in the faith. They will be like pillars in your midst standing solid and unmoved by my wind. For they have turned their faces into my wind and are being refined in my fire. I am preparing you as a holy people and a royal priesthood, says the Lord. And I will enlarge the place of your dwelling, says the Lord. For I desire to flow an exceeding large river through your sanctuary that I might bring healing to the nations. And I will cause the captives to come into your midst and will set them free. I will bring in the backslider and those who do not know me, and will overflow them with my love. For my manifest presence will dwell in my temple even as my house becomes a house of prayer. Do not go after those who scatter for I will gather them and establish them, says the Lord. I am pruning you that you might grow and mature, says the Lord. And I prune both the fruitful and the unfruitful. Even as I prune and refine you I am releasing a new anointing of grace and power in your midst. As you pray my will you will have what you ask for. As you seek my face you will see my Glory. As you listen to my voice, you will hear my heart, says the Lord. You are my remnant. You will gather in my harvest. You will love the unlovely. You will release my power to the nations. And you will go and do and say whatever I require of you. No weapon formed against you will prosper for I will watch over my word to perform it. This is your heritage, says the Lord of hosts.

Pastor Chris Christensen

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