Prophetic-School Words: Change

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Change (Ron Mills)

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Originally dated: Sat, 21 Feb 1998 23:06:01 -0500

Get ready for CHANGE! BIG CHANGE. Be prepared to change the way you do everything. Lay everything on the altar and treat nothing as sacred except your desire to know me. As long as it is all on the altar, then nothing will hold you back. No traditions, no mindsets, no attitudes, nothing can keep you from plunging into the depths of My Spirit if you are totally open to hear from Me and obey no matter what I ask of you. I'm not asking you to make changes, I'm asking you to get ready to change - I'll make the changes if you are open. Some of my people haven't heard me because they have already decided that I can't or won't move in a certain way, so when I speak to them that way - their ears are closed. OPEN up to me.

Get ready to change. I might ask you to change the way you worship, or the way you DO church, or the way you make your living, or the way you spend your time, or who you spend it with, or how you love your neighbour, but whatever I ask - DO IT. If you are not ready for change you will spend a lot of time and energy trying to figure out whether or not I'm speaking with you. Just be ready... cause when you are ready - I will come to you and speak so clearly. There will be no doubt for you have prepared yourself to hear from me - no barriers. And how glorious the liberty, being set free from every hindrance that has held you from Me.

Do you want to change? Then get ready - get hungry for me so nothing else matters...I'm waiting for you.

...ron mills

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