Prophetic-School Words: Protection

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Protection (Donna Cox)

Originally from: (Donna Cox)
Originally Dated: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 10:04:21 -0800 (EST)

I also sense that although things look very dark indeed, God is still in control...I hear him saying ..

Let not your heart be troubled nor discouraged, as the future unfolds. You will see many things that you do not desire to see... witness many events that are heart breaking, yet your heart shall not be broken, for those who have truly given their hearts to me shall rise above it all. I will make divine provision for them. My Glory shall reside with them and upon them and they shall indeed walk out the path I sovereignly decreed for them long ago.

This is the time and the season, where ones shall do the miraculous... shall move in power ...and do the, sign's and wonders on an everyday basis. This the time and season, where the wealth of the wicked will come into the hands of the just. As the, world waxes darker and darker, my Glory will shine brighter, and brighter. This will be a time of great harvest, as ones run in terror toward my servants who are manifesting my presence, for many will clearly see that I am their only hope for survival.

Yes, the winds of war are even now sweeping the universe. Yet again I say, let not your heart be troubled nor discouraged as the future unfolds. Keep your eyes upon me I will show you the path I desire you to walk, for I have equipped you sufficient for the day thereof.

My children shall be, and reside in, an oasis of peace in the midst of chaos.
................... "Thus saith the Lord."

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