Prophetic-School Words: Be Encouraged

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Be Encouraged (Teresa Seputis)

Oringinally from: (Teresa Seputis)
Originally dated: Thu Feb 12 17:40:23 PST 1998

I am restoring hope to My body.

I am reminding My people of the promises that I made to them a long time ago and I am stirring them up.

Many of you have become discouraged. At first you received My promise with great joy. But as time elasped, some of you have altogether given up hope in the promises that I made to you.

Some of you, like Sarah, have tried to find your own method to fulfill My word to you.. But your efforts have led to nothing but frustration, and you have given up hope and fallen into dispair. The harder you tried, the worse things got until it was totally out of control. But My promise shall be birthed in you and it will come to full term and it will be delivered. You will hold the fruit of My promise in your arms just like Sarah, in her old age, held her infant son in her arms.

Some of you, like Joseph, received My promise with joy but were rejected and scorned by those who should have been supporting you... sold into slavery and thrown into prison.. but My promise still stands firm even though the circumstances around you shout that it cannot be fulfilled. When things seem bleakest to you, the prison door will be open and you will come out into a place of authority and gifting that I have set aside for you. I have declared it over you and it will come to pass.

This is a time where I am stirring up hope in the hearts of My people and restoring the vision I gave them. I am reviewing promises I made to My children a long time ago.. promises that I will fulfill in the very near future.

This is a season of hope and restoration.. so be encouraged, My people. Let Me breath My hope and My fatih back into you. For I would make you strong.. I will restore your hope and build your faith.. and then I will manifest Myself in and through you with great power.

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