Prophetic-School: A Primer on "Hearing God's Voice"

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A Primer on "Hearing God's Voice" (by Chris Poole)

Originally from: "Mobile School of the Spirit" (
Originally dated: Sun, 18 Jan 1998 16:54:26 +0000

I well remember the time when after just being baptized in the Holy Spirit, I was exposed to a new realm of excitement and awe at all the Lord seemed to be making available to His people. I saw my Christian friends begin to move in areas of the gifts supernaturally and of course, I wanted very much to do this also. I was so determined to "enter in" to all I saw going on around me - at least all that I believed was inspired of the Lord in all my friends. I tried so hard! I attended various meetings and asked for prayer to be able to receive my prayer language, move in the gifts, and more. It seemed to me that all my friends were experiencing victory in these things but it just seemed so hard for me. Finally, in my zeal, fervor and intensity, and after some period of time with no apparent success in all my attempts, I allowed myself to become despondent and doubt set in. I began to feel that I was not like the others and that I had some type of "blockage". I did not know what kind - just that I must have "it" because I did not seem to be able to receive like the others around me.

Desiring and not being able to receive is a place that produces frustration very quickly doesn't it. I said all of the above to let you know I do understand the feeling. There was another thing that really caused me some frustration, and that was the scripture that said, "My sheep hear My Voice" (John 10:27). There was another scripture that also bothered me, "He who belongs to God hears what God says" (John 8:47). Now, I had a problem with these verses. If I was His sheep, then why didn't I hear His voice? I was obviously experiencing a collision between my own human understanding (basing my beliefs on my feelings and experiences) and the promises of scripture which had to be received by faith. Was I going to believe my experiences or accept the Word of God by faith? I won't tell you that the working out of my decision to believe the Word was easy, but I knew that if I was gong to walk by faith, then I HAD to accept that the scripture was right and that my feelings might be leading me the wrong way. And in hindsight, I can tell you that had I followed my feelings, I'm sure I would have been led astray and into a prison of doubt.

Now, one question? Are you the Lord's sheep? Have you been saved, experiencing His salvation? If so, then you HEAR! He promises this to you in John 10:27. This is the truth of scripture! Do not let the enemy rob you of this promise because if you agree with the enemy (in that you cannot hear), then he will try to lead you to that place of doubt and despondency. On the other hand, you can agree with the Lord and have all He promises in the Word. Even the unbelievers hear the Lord (2Kings 7:6). Just think about the myriad of those who hear the Holy Spirit speak to them before they repent and accept the gift of salvation. And how about Baalam's donkey (Numbers 22:23)? The donkey saw the angel standing in the road ahead, blocking their path. Lastly, even the dead hear the Lord's voice (John 5:25,28)!

At the risk of sounding like I'm preaching here, I am just wanting to settle one thing - you are alive in Christ, you are filled with desire for the things of Him and - YOU HEAR HIS VOICE! Simply choose to believe the Word and you will find your natural situation lining up with the supernatural truth....and you will begin to realize that you are hearing after all.

A couple of suggestions might be helpful at this point.

  1. Don't look for the fireworks, rather look for the still, small, Voice.
  2. Take whatever impressions that come to you after praying the prayer of protection and sanctification and trust that the Lord is answering your prayer to be able to receive something for your partner. Even if you don't know if they are right, be willing to step out in faith and speak what you see in your mind, "hear" in your spirit, or "feel" in your "knower". Trust the Lord to help you since He knows you are not totally comfortable with the process.
  3. Know that if you ask the Lord for something that is His will, He will answer your prayer (John 16:24). He not only wants you to be able to prophesy, He wants you to earnestly desire (covet) to do so (1 Cor. 14:1).
  4. It makes sense that for us to be obedient to the Lord in our daily lives, we have to hear Him. If we can't, then how do we know what to do out of obedience? Yes, the Word gives us the totality of all God has said to mankind (the Logos, or the well of the Spirit) but the Holy Spirit takes a cup of water from the well (the Rhema) and gives it to us for particular situations in our lives not directly addressed in the Logos of scripture. This is how we know what to do out of obedience in particular situations we encounter each day. If God knew some could not hear, how could they obey?
  5. You will become more adept at moving in the prophetic by exercising your gift. The more you use it, the more it seems to flow. The opposite is also true.
  6. Finally, don't place high expectations on yourself at first. Be gentle with yourself and give yourself a chance to learn without being under pressure. If you take a "pipe" with water flowing and place it in an environment under pressure, the water will cease to flow because the environmental pressure may be greater than the pressure of the flow of water. This will make it seem that there is no flow when in actuality there is. You have a God-given flow already. Placing pressure on yourself may stop up the flow. If you feel this may be happening, then release the pressure of expectation on yourself. Then, the process of moving in the prophetic will become fun and exciting - and much easier.

I hope this has encouraged you. Let us know how you are doing as we go along, OK. We will be praying that the Lord will move powerfully in you as a testimony of His faithfulness to you.

Chris Poole
Mobile School Of the Spirit

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