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Ireland (by Lorainne Robicheau)

Originally from: GramaDonut (
Originally dated: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 10:32:30 EST

Very early this morning, the Lord woke me to pray. I said to Him "Everyone is prophecying and praying for Ireland. Do you want me to pray for Ireland too?" I guess He DID! In an instant I was weeping and wailing for Ireland and this is what I saw as I prayed.

I "saw" that the Lord was desiring to break down walls in Ireland. There are a lot of different kinds of walls in life....some are for protection...some are for detention.... but these were DIVIDING walls. I saw that these walls were formed in the womb of Ireland. They were built at the birth of the nation. And they are a curse that has affected ALL the families of Irish descent for generations ever since. They have produced broken families, family feuds, clans, divorce, estrangement between brothers and sisters, fathers and sons, mothers and their children etc. AND strife and division between denominations (ie the Catholics and Protestants) and war. This DIVISIVE spirit has affected the U.S. and Canada too, as they have many Irish immigrants as some of the original settlers. (I especially wept here - this division has been evident in my own family - now I know why).

I continued to weep for some time and ask the Lord to break the walls down and remove the curse. I could hear "It is under the Blood" whispered in my ear several times and I knew that the Lord was going to remove that wall. And I heard "just as the wall of communism was removed, I will remove this dividing wall WITH ONE STROKE"

Then I received the word "For He is (Himself) our peace (our bond of unity and harmony). He has made us both one (body), and has broken down (destroyed, abolished) the hostile dividing wall between us....And (He designed) to reconcile to God both in a single body by means of His cross, thereby killing the mutual enmity, and BRINGING THE FEUD TO AN END." (Ampl. Eph 2:14, 16)

Then I continued to pray for Keith Gerner and his wife. I saw them in the centre of a circle of angelic beings.The angels had their arms locked and several formed a dome over their heads and I was aware that there were even a number of them beneath their feet. They formed an inpenitrable wall of PROTECTION. Keith and his wife were going about their ususal business in this circle, unaware that the angels were there. Then I saw a stream of what looked like liquid light rising from Keith and his wife and ascending up to the heavens. It was an amazing sight. The heavens opened and I saw the Lord...and He was INHALING the liquid light that came up to Him from Keith and his wife (a sweet smelling savour)...I was aware that the light was their worship. He likes it when they woship. And somehow that worship had something to do with the wall of protection that the angels formed around them. I was aware that they were in complete safety in that place.

Blessings on Ireland and on ALL her descendants
Lorraine Robicheau
London, Ontario Canada

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