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Prophetic Words in Church Meetings (by Jane Fitz-Gibbon)

Originally from: (Jane and Andy Fitz-Gibbon)
Originally dated: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 07:02:29 -0500

We are now starting week four of the prophetic-training. The feedback has been very positive. . .most people are testifying to hearing God. It is really great.

For some this may now give rise to the dilemma. . . I hear God when I'm in my activation group, but it is not so clear when I'm back in my home church setting.

So I just want to re-enforce some of the helps for hearing God in a larger meeting.

1) Learn how and when your pastors/leaders like to have prophetic words released. Then practise turning to God to listen at the appropriate time. In the meetings we host, at some point during the worship, we will usually encourage folk to seek prophetic words. At this point, in the same way as during the exercises, seek a word or a phrase from the Lord, ask him to speak to you. Try to forget the others around and concentrate on him.

2) If you get a word at a time when you are unable to give it. Then hold onto it. . . even if you feel like it, you won't 'explode' with a prophetic word! Ask the Lord to confirm it if it is of him, to take it away if it is not. Perhaps write it down. Then give it at the appropriate time or to the appropriate person in the appropriate way :-)

3) A more difficult situation will be if you are in a fellowship that doesn't yet welcome the prophetic. Then I would simply say don't seek prophetic words during the meeting. . . it will only lead to frustration! Find another outlet for the prophetic, maybe seek words for the prophetic-school list :-) Maybe there is an ecumenical renewal meeting in your area that welcomes the prophetic. Or your best friend! Remember only God can change your church. . . so pray hard, but don't manipulate even under the guise of the prophetic!

4) Your church may welcome the prophetic, you know when/how the leaders like to have words released, but still it seems harder than in the activation group. Then it really is still just a matter of learning to hear God and part of that is being prepared to listen. All sorts of anxieties often creep in but remember giving the word is only part of the process. . . others will have the responsibility for interpretation and application. But as with all words don't "begin in the spirit and end in the flesh", if the Lord only gives one word or phrase that is absolutely fine, just give that. Others may have more of the same word, we often see the body function as much in the prophetic as in other areas.

5) Get into the habit of listening to God. . . prophetic journalling will help. After all the larger meetings are just an extension of our private walk with God.

This is a time when we are seeing more of the prophetic released than ever before. There is an intensity and an accuracy with words which is still comparatively new in the church. It is a priviledge to live in these times. God is releasing the body prophetically. So enjoy what God is doing!

Go for IT!

Many Blessings, Jane

Andy and Jane Fitz-Gibbon

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