Visions Beyond the Veil
by H. A. Baker

This book, Visions Beyond The Veil, by H. A. Baker, provides a fascinating insight into Heaven and the spiritual battle that is going on around us. It is designed to open your eyes to the spiritual blessings God has prepared for every believer in Christ.

H.A. Baker is survived by his grandson Rolland Baker. Rolland and his wife, Heidi, are currently missionaries to Mozambique and they run an orphanage there. Some of the "naughty" children in this orphanage have had visions where they met Jesus and were told to stop sinning and preach the gospel. When a disruptive child has this type of vision, it results in a drastic change in their behavior. Also, a revival has broken out in the nation of Mozambique under the supervision of Rolland and Heidi Baker, which has resulted in over 5,000 churches being planted. If you would like to know more about Rolland Baker and Iris Ministries, please see their www page at .