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Author: H. A. Baker
HTML Editor: Teresa Seputis

Visions Beyond the Veil
by H. A. Baker


The Book

Visions Beyond The Veil by H. A. Baker is a book that documents a series of visions that some Chinese orphan children had when revival broke out in their midst. The children saw angels, demons, heaven, hell, etc. They related their experiences to missionary H. A. Baker and his wife Josephine, who oversaw the orphanage where the children lived. The visions changed the chidren's lives and behaviors. The chidren would or lay sit still for hours as if in a trance, then tney would reported their visions to the Bakers, who faithfully documented them. These visions make amazing and inspiring reading.

It is true that children can be prone to let their immaginations run away with them. But I suspect these expriences are genuine and not the figment of the child's imagination. The Chinese orphan children would spend hour after hour, day after day in visions and in the Lord's presence. Anyone who has been around childen knows that a child's attention span is short. One child, if it were particuarly willful, might be able to carry on a charade of sitting still for three or fourh hours, proposing to see visions when they were simply "pretending". But they would not be able to maintain that charade for multiple days in a row. And it would not be possible to get a whole roomful of active children to behave this way day after day. Also, if this were all the figment of a child's imagination, then it would not effect their lives and behavior on an ongoing basis. But the transformation in the children's lives is perhaps the strongest evidence of the reality of their experience.

H. A. Baker was a missionary to China operating an orphanage in the Yunnan Province beginning in the early 1920s. One day the Lord unexpectedly did a mighty outpouring of His Holy Spirit in their midst. As a result, the Chinese beggar children from his orphanage had visions that fill page after page of H.A. Baker's book, Visions Beyond The Veil. Mr. Baker purposefully did not copyright the original book so that it would live on and bless generations to come.

Rolland Baker and Iris Ministries

H.A. Baker was Rolland Baker's grandfather. Rolland, along with his wife Heidi, is currently a missionary in Mozambique. Following in his grandfather's footsteps, Rolland runs an orphanage. The Lord has given Rolland and Heidi Baker "the nation of Mozambique" in the form a powerful revival that is sweeping that nation, and the Baker's ministry has currently planted over 5,000 churches (all populated by new converts) in the last ten years. The Baker's oversee an orphanage on their main complex, in Maputo, which has over 500 children it in. Some of the children their orphanage have had divine encounters with God, similar to the visions described in his grandfather's book. If you would like to know more about Rolland Baker and Iris Ministries, please see their www page at http://www.irismin.org .

Rolland Baker wrotes a forward to his grandfather's book in April of 2000. If you would like to read that forward, please click here .

GodSpeak version of Visions Beyond The Veil

This version of H.A. Baker's book is copyrighted to protect the integrity of the material and to assure it is not imporperly distributed. We are not copyrighting the content, per sae but our editing/formatting of that content. (We have had people lift and modify data from our site and we copyright to preserve the integrity of the content of this data as well as to preserve the editing/formatting work we have done on this version of the uncopyrighted work by H. A. Baker.)

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Public Domain E-Book Version of Book

The public domain ebook ws prepared by Thomas S. Gibson, and can be found at http://carlandtracey.com/books/visions%20beyond%20the%20veil.pdf.

Here is the forward that Mr Gibson puts on his public domain version of this book:

"This book has not and will not be copyrighted." This is the uncopyright notice that is contained in all of the H.A. Baker books published by Osterhus Publishign House. It is the sole reason that I have been able to reproduce this book without any legal problems. I have made every effort to keep the contents of the book accruate and without error.

It is my intention to republished this book (and hopefuly others by this author), so that readers may see and understand the power of the Holy Spirit as it fell among the children of the Adullam Rescue Missoin in early twenthy century China.

The graphis in this book are reproduced at the same quality as the orignal -- poor to very poor. These pictures lack the quality that we are used to today.

This is being published as an Adobe (.pdf) document, which may be printed, as formatted, on standard 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper. Whether you receive this electronically or in a printed format, please feel free to read, copy and pass on to others.

The original document, as well as other material of a prophetic nature (includig prophecies God has given me) can be found at the Prophetic Word website: http://www.telusplanet.net/public/tsgibson/propheticword.html

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