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Second Heaven Revelation
(June 6, 2004)

by Teresa Seputis

Someone submitted a word to me asking me to distribute it for them and also to provide them with the email addresses of the nationally recognized prophets in the US so they could send it to them as well.

The attached note said, "Father God woke me up about an hour ago to give you this message... He told me not to wait on this, to send it immediately. I am from Canada..." And then proceeded to unleash a very harsh judgment word on the United States that predicted the collapse of the golden gate bridge and the physical destruction of all the judicial and court buildings. It went on to call politicians snakes and bloodhounds and it contained this warning "Tell My People to get out of the Courtyard, judicial law-Parliament Buildings. Tell anyone who will listen." It also said, "The United States and it's Policies will come tumbling down if they are not followed by my instructions."

The word went on to unleash a whole bunch of judgments against the United States, apparently giving great details to the strategies of the devil in the US government. I only read the first couple of paragraphs before I judged it as a false prophecy, e.g., not a God-word. I felt it was sort of a classic example of a "Second Heaven" prophecy, so I wanted to share this incident with you and teach a little on Second Heaven revelation.

Second Heaven revelation comes from the realm of the demonic. It usually gives great attention to demonic activity and caries all sorts of threats of destruction, judgment, gloom, etc. The purpose of this type of "word" is to frighten believers, and also to discourage them from doing the things God expects them to do to advance His kingdom, or to incite them to disobey God.

There are several problems with the word this person sent me. First, it is contrary to things God has been revealing through many of His prophets about His will. God is not calling the church to separate ourselves from the world judicial and government systems; He is calling us to infiltrate and transform them. This Second Heaven word asks us to act in direct conflict with what God has been instructing His church to do through many of His established prophets. That is a characteristic of a Second Heaven word -- to lead you astray and to get you to do things contrary to God's will.

Second, there should never be such a sense of urgency in a word that we can't take the time to pray over a word and verify that it is really from Him. God commands us in His word (1 Cor. 14) to prayerfully judge prophetic words. I cannot imagine delivering a word of the magnitude of destruction and judgment of a whole nation lightly, without praying it through and assuring it is really from God. God would not have to wake up His prophet in the middle of the night and tell them to write/send the word immediately in great haste and urgency. God does not accidentally get behind schedule and have to rush to catch up. God knows all things long before they happen. The nature of the prophetic is to give advanced warning, so there is not usually a great haste to get a word out. God simply releases the word to the prophet at the right time to get it out in a manner that does not require great haste. That sense of extreme urgency of an upcoming "judgment" is classic symptom of a Second Heaven word.

Third, God does not use unknown and untried people to release words of judgment over whole nations. He would not usually ask an unknown and un-established prophet to speak a word of judgment to His seasoned and established prophets to instruct them to deliver this word on His behalf. If God wanted to release words of judgment over a nation, He would speak it directly to the prophets who He has already established into National prominence. In the case of the United States, it would be people like Paul Cain and Rick Joyner and Bill Hamon and Cindy Jacobs, etc. It is not God's style to give a word of that magnitude to someone who does not already have the capability to deliver it on a nationwide scale. This is another characteristic of a Second Heaven word -- to release words of judgment and destruction through unseasoned and un-established prophets.

To summarize, a Second Heaven word is one that comes from the realm of the demonic. These words are generally released to incite fear and to get God's people to act/behave in a manner contrary to God's will. They are usually given to newer prophets who are not yet seasoned in recognizing when the devil is imitating God's voice to them. Most Second Heaven words have the following characteristics:

  1. Emphasis on the demonic and what the devil is doing in a way that makes the devil look powerful.

  2. Designed to incites fear, and to bring warnings of judgment and destruction.

  3. Attempts to lead God's people astray by either doing something contrary to God's will or by asking them to stop doing something God wants them to do.

  4. Frequently carries a sense of extreme urgency that wants you to bypass the normal process of praying and judging a word.

  5. Releases messages of judgment and destruction through unseasoned and un-established prophets, instead of through the ones who God has already established and put in place to be able to deliver this type of word.

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