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Informal Prophetic MentoringWith Teresa Seputis

Week 37
"Can You Count To Twenty?"

The Lord played an interesting game with me last night. I am going to share it with you, because I think you might enjoy playing it as well.

I realize that this may seem like a rather unusual "weekly lesson," but I was amazed at how close God drew me to Himself as I played this game with Him. Let me give you a tad of background to explain how I got this game and what it did for me.

I had been feeling a "spiritually dry" this past week (or so) and I had been crying out to God about it. I desperately wanted Him to meet me and allow me to "feel His presence" and "enjoy His nearness." This sense of dryness had been going on for several days, and my daily bible reading sort of slipped by the wayside. I know it is important to read God's word to feed my spirit. But sometimes when I feel dry, it is a struggle for me to read the bible as often as I should.

As I said, this dry spell had been going on for over a week. God woke me up in the middle of the night on Saturday night and invited me to pray. As I obeyed Him and prayed, He met me strongly, and it was wonderful to sense His nearness again after a dry spell. We talked for about two hours, then I went to back to sleep. I expected the "dry spell" to be completely over with when I woke up Sunday morning, but it wasn't.

Of course, I cried out to God to meet me again all day Sunday, but it felt like I was talking to a blank wall. I usually pray for a while before I go to bed, but my prayer time wasn't very fruitful, and I could not sense His nearness. After trying to pray for a while, I got frustrated and turned on the television until I felt sleepy, then I went to bed. Shortly after I drifted off to sleep, the Lord woke me up.

First He asked me if I could count to twenty. I thought that was a really strange question. (Of course I could count to twenty, most people can do that very easily.) So I told Him, "Yes."

"Good," He said. "I want you to do that for Me. But while you are counting, I also want you to give Me a bible verse or a bible concept for each number that you count."

That sounded like such a simple request, and for some of the numbers it was very easy. But some of the numbers stumped me and I had to concentrate to try and recall verses for those numbers. There were a few numbers where I just could not come up with anything and I had to go look that number up in an online concordance.

I went to biblegateway.com and did a keyword search on the numbers that stumped me. The searches returned a lot of verses, and I had to read them all to choose the one I liked best for that given number. I found that as I read the verses, they reminded me of God's goodness and of some of the amazing things He does for us. I found a sense of worship coming over me as I researched verses for this game.

This game was neat, because it really made me think about Scripture and about what was in God's word. It drew me closer to Him as I began focusing on His word in a different way that I normally do. It was an unusual way for the Lord to draw me into His word, fresh and new for me. It drew me back into a solid place of intimacy with God.

I think this exercise can be a great refreshment for anyone who is feeling spiritually dry. But it is also a fun game (even when you are not dry). I really liked playing this game with the Lord, and I invite you to try it.

Here is how it goes:

Think of a bible verse of concept of reach number from one to twenty.

If you don't have a good memory, you may want to write down the numbers on separate lines on a piece of paper and then write down jest of the verse or concept next to it.

There is more than one thing you can select for any given number, but you only need to select one for each number. Try to do as much as you can from memory. If you get stuck on certain numbers (like I did) then pull out a concordance or go to an online bible program like www.biblegateway.com. Look up the number and read the verses that apply to it. Select one that you like.

You don't have to supply the references for a verse, just the jest of that verse. For example, for the number "twelve," you might remember that Jesus had twelve disciples, and that is enough.

Let me give you a couple of examples for the number six:

six -
the number of wings of seraphim in Isaiah's vision: "Above it stood seraphim; each one had six wings: with two he covered his face, with two he covered his feet, and with two he flew." [Isaiah 6:2]
six -
The number of days it took God to create the earth and all in it. [Exodus 31:17]
I promise you that there is at least one verse for each number between one and twenty. I am going to supply you with one or more verses for each number, that you can look up in case you get really stuck. You might come up with something different than I did for any given number, and that is fine. There are many "right" answers for each number and you only need one. But if you get stuck, here are some verses that might help....

"one" - Deuteronomy 6:4.
"two" - Deuteronomy 17:6.
"three" - Matthew 18:20.
"four" - Ezekiel 1:5 or Ezekiel 1:15.
"five" - Matthew 14:17, 19, Matthew 16:9.
"six" - Isaiah 6:2 or Exodus 31:17
"seven" - Leviticus 23:6 or Hebrews 11:30.
"eight" - 1 Peter 3:20.
"nine" - Luke 17:17.
"ten" - Matthew 25:1 or "the number of plagues God sent to Egypt."
"eleven" - Matthew 28:16-17.
"twelve" - Matthew 10:1-2] or Genesis 49:28.
"thirteen" - Genesis 17:25.
"fourteen" - Genesis 31:41.
"fifteen" - Isaiah 38:5.
"sixteen" - 2 Kings 14:21.
"seventeen" - Genesis 47:28.
"eighteen" - 2 Chronicles 11:21 or 2 Chronicles 35:19.
"nineteen" - Jeremiah 52:12.
"twenty" - Genesis 31:38.

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