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Informal Prophetic MentoringWith Teresa Seputis

Week 17
Amazing Things

There are times when God does "amazing things" to speak to us. We can get caught up in the excitement of the miracle but miss the message behind it. We should celebrate God's miracles (even the little ones), but we also need to put our miracles in the context of the bigger picture of what God has been speaking to us.

Let me give you an example.

Back in January I suddenly started getting both corporate and personal words from people that we are moving into a season of God's provision. God began to speak to me personally that He was not going to supply an over abundance, but He was going to connect me to the stream of His provision. When ever I needed something, I could just reach in and grab it. I would not have a stored up overabundance, but I would not go without the things I needed.

That was background for this story: Jim and Dianne Paul had been staying with me for a week while they were out doing a conference for my church. I had three CD's that were playing and Jim said that he'd like a copy of this one particular song. I was not sure which CD the song was on, since none of the CD's had the song titles listed on them and I'd long since lost the cases. I decided to copy all three for him, so he could find the song he wanted when he got home. As it turned out, I had exactly three blank CD's left, so that would be perfect. I took them out of the container and put them on my computer desk and counted them again. Yep, there were three--just the right amount each of the CDs for Jim.

I started to copy them the night before they were to leave for the airport. I put the first CD into the drive and read it to disk. Then I started the write from disk to the blank CD and went to bed. When I got up early the next morning, the CD write had failed, due to a bad sector. That trashed that blank CD. I sighed, because I knew the stores would not open in time to buy new CDs and copy them before we had to leave for the airport. I was about to try and figure out which CD the song he wanted was on, when I felt strongly prompted to go count the remaining blank CDs. I dismissed that as a silly thought because I'd counted them the night before. I knew I'd started with three, trashed one, and that left two. But that prompting to count them was strong. So I finally did--and there were still three blank CDs!

God had multiplied the CD's while I slept. He did not give me a whole new case worth of CD's, but He provided just the one CD I needed. At first, I was so excited at the miracle of the CD's multiplying that I missed the message behind it.

I had this really neat miracle. I had not even prayed for it and asked for it--it just happened. It solved a problem for me, because now I could just copy all three CDs for Jim instead of spending a bunch of time figuring out which CD the song he wanted was on. I was so excited at how God had multiplied the CDs, but I was not seeing it in the context of the bigger picture.

God let me be excited for a bit. A bit later, He began to talk to me about it. God asked me why did I think He had provided precisely one more CD. I answered "Because I needed one more blank CD to copy the CDs for Jim."

There are days when I am a little slow. I was thinking this miracle was for Jim's sake--a miracle God did to bless Jim. But then I realized that the key was "because I needed one more..." Then I was reminded of the words God had given me about dipping into the stream of His provision any time I needed something. I did not have to store up, I just had to trust Him for each need, and He would supply it.

God had just supplied what I needed in terms of the CD. He did that to underscore what He had been saying to me. The miracle was to confirm to me what He had been saying to me--both personally and in prophetic words. God has a stream of provision. We don't need to store up or hoard, we simply dip into His provision when we need something. The miracle was not about Jim getting his song, it was about God teaching me that He really does supply our need when we need it. Or course, that miracle was symbolic, not literal. It was a little thing and not a desperate My life would have gone on quite nicely even if I had not been able to make the CDs for Jim. But I had a need for a 4th blank CD--and God supplied it!

Of course, God wants me to remember this, so that when I have a big need, I will find it easier to trust Him for it. He did a miracle that excited me--multiplying the CDs--but there was a message to me in this miracle.

The Lord will do the same in your life. He is a purposeful God and He is a communicating God. Think back to the miracles that God has done for you. There might be more to them than meets the eye. They might not be isolated things, they might be part of a bigger message that God is trying to get across to you.

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