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Author: Teresa Seputis ts@godspeak.net http://www.godspeak.net

Practical Prayer Tools For A Prophetic Person

By Teresa Seputis

Lesson 5
Prophet's Prayer

When someone first starts moving in the prophetic, their biggest concern is a fear that they will make a mistake and misspeak for God. They are concerned that they might speak forth a word which they thought is from God, only to discover that wasn't.

Moving in the prophetic can be scary for beginners because they don't want to accidentally misrepresent God. But at the same time, they also don't want resist His leading. They don't want to disobey Him by not speaking forth the word that He gives them to share.

Those two concerns work together to create a tension for those learning to move in the prophetic. A war goes on inside of them--part of them is screaming to share the word before they explode, but another part of them wants to be cautious and hold back on sharing it. They struggle with the question, "How do I know this is really a word from God?" They have to make a leap for faith to get past that fear of making a mistake. They need to be proactive in learning to stretch and grow in the gifting that God has given to them, but at the same time to stay spirit-led in what they share.

Beginners are not the only ones with concerns. Those of us who have been prophesying for a long time have our own set of concerns and issues. One of our biggest concerns should be that we might inadvertently fall into patterns and share a what we think God would say in a certain instances instead of listening to God to hear what He is actually saying.

Let me illustrate. Perhaps we have prophesied to a lot of people with health issues, and we notice a pattern in what God says to them. First He tells the person that He is watching over them and that His power to heal is greater than the enemy's power to make sick. Then He promises to heal that person if they just trust Him and stand firm in faith. We hear Him give that message so many times that we practically memorize it.

Now we go to prophesy to another sick person. There is a danger that we might think we know what God is going to say, because He has said the same thing through us to so many others. It is easy to fall into the trap of assuming what God will say to people in this situation and speaking it forth without taking the time to listen to what He has for that specific person.

But maybe this time God has a different agenda than we are used to. Perhaps this person is sick because they are in sin, and God wants them to turn from that sin so He can heal them. We must be careful that we don't assume we know what God is going to say. We must always listen to Him each time that we speak for Him and speak forth only what He is actually saying.

Another danger for the "experienced" person is that they might become complacent in their gifting. It is easy to get comfortable ministering at a certain level, to the point where we stop stretching and growing in our gifting. But God wants us to keep growing--the more we serve Him, the more He is able to grows us, little by little, to the next level of the prophetic. He wants to always be moving us to a higher level in our gifting. But when we become complacent, we limit how powerfully He can use us to speak to others. We basically stunt our own spiritual growth.

As you can see, there are issues and concerns no matter what level of the prophetic you move at. God knows about these issues, and He would love to be involved with us in them. He wants us to come to Him and talk to Him about our concerns. Then He wants to work in us to change us and help us get past them. He wants to keep us growing in our gifting. He wants to bring us to greater levels of clarity and accuracy and to help us be His spokesperson.

That is why this prayer is designed for prophetic people of all levels...

Prayer For Those Who Move In The Prophetic

Lord, I desire very much to be Your spokesperson. I am asking You to release an increase of the prophetic anointing in my life. Please put Your words in my mouth and speak through me. I want to be set aside for Your purposes as a holy vessel for You. I want to be a messenger for You--one who You feel comfortable speaking through.

Lord, just as You did for Elijah, please take a coal from your alter and touch my lips to purify My mouth. Let it be set apart for Your purposes, pure and holy. Lord, please help me to put a guard over my everyday speech so that I do not say anything that does dishonors or displease You in any way. Help me to avoid vulgarities, gossip, untruths, unkind words, complaining, murmuring, or any other thing that defiles me as Your spokesperson. Let nothing come out of my mouth that taints the messages You desire to speak through me.

Lord, in addition, please put a guard over me to keep from speaking my own words and my own messages as though they were Yours. I don't want to say things that You are not saying. I don't want to misrepresent You in any way, shape or form. Please give me clarity of hearing and the ability to clearly and accurately discern exactly what You want said. Then help me to deliver Your message exactly the way You want it delivered. Help me to become an accurate representative for You--one who speaks only and precisely what You are saying.

Lord, there are times when I am concerned that I am might make a mistake and misquote You. Please keep me from doing that. Also, keep me from any deception and from any spirit of false prophecy. Let all that comes out of my mouth be pure and holy, and let it be precisely what You want to say.

Lord, I want to have a pure heart for You as I speak forth your word. So please shape my heart; fill it with the compassion and love that You carry in Your heart. Empower me to be motivated by love in all that I say and do, and especially when I speak for You at Your command. Help me to always have the right motives and attitudes when I speak Your words. I want you to be pleased not only with what I say when I prophesy, but also with the attitude of My heart before You as I deliver Your word.

Dear Lord, please continue to increase the clarity and sharpness of my hearing. I want to be able to give those specific details that show the person that this word really is from You. Please give me the confidence and boldness to speak what I hear You say. I don't want to say anything that You are not saying, but I also don't want to leave out anything that You want said.

In addition, Lord, I am asking You to place Your anointing on the words as I speak them forth. Let Your life and power resonate in them. Put Your authority on Your words--the authority to set captives free and to break off all of the bondages and yokes of the enemy. Let healing power and restoration be released as Your words go forth from me. Send Your Holy Spirit to bare witness to their spirit that this is You speaking. Lord, let the words that I speak be Your words, and let them be spoken Your way, and in Your power and anointing. Enable me to flow with You in this.

Lord, I want to be Your spokesperson and I make myself available to you for that purpose. Please use Me in that capacity. I trust You, and I will speak forth the words that You give me to speak. I love you so much, Lord, and I delight to serve You. Than You for the opportunity to so do.

I thank You because I know You will hear and answer this prayer. I offer you my worship and my love and my adoration, because you are worthy of all praise and glory. I freely and willingly give myself to You as Your servant and Your spokesperson; and I pledge to obey You no matter what You ask Me to do. I serve You because I love you.

I pray in Jesus' name. Amen.

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