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Practical Prayer Tools For A Prophetic Person

By Teresa Seputis

Lesson 2
Things That Separate Us From God
(part 1 of 2)

There are many different things that can separate us from God. Any one of them creates the same problem for us--it blocks our intimacy with God and makes us feel far way from Him.

Of course, we want to fix that problem as soon as possible so that we can move back into close fellowship with our God. The problem is that most of the time we are at a loss as to how to fix it--we are not sure what to do to be restored to that place of intimacy.

That is why we want to take a look at four of the most common problems that separate us from God, and We will look at what to do to solve each problem. We will discuss two of them in this lesson and two in the next. The four problems are:

  1. Sin or Rebellion
  2. A False Sense Of Separation
  3. Failing To Draw Near To God
  4. Demonic Interference In Our Relationship With God

Sin Or Rebellion

Sin and disobedience both separate us from God. Isaiah 59:2 tells us, "Your iniquities have separated you from your God; and your sins have hidden His face from you, so that He will not hear."

When we do something wrong, and our behavior temporarily separates us from intimacy with God. This includes things like unforgiveness, disobedience and overt sin. We may or may not want to draw near to God in the midst of this. Either way, we find that we must deal with the thing that is separating us from God before we can get close to Him again.

If we have sinned, we need to change our behavior and stop sinning. That is easy in some cases and hard in others. There are some sins that we can just decide to stop doing, then we don't do them again. (The hard part is making the decision to give up the sin.)

But there are also times when a particular sin (called a besetting sin) has so much power over us that we can't stop no matter how hard we try. In those cases, we have to run to God and ask Him to deliver us from the power of that sin. Fortunately, He will do that for us when we ask Him to. The Holy Spirit lives inside of us; He changes us from the inside out and He breaks the power of that particular sin over our lives.

When we are separated from God because of disobedience, we have to change our behavior to start obeying Him. We might be doing something He has asked us to stop doing. Or our disobedience may go the other direction-- perhaps God has commanded us to do something we don't want to do, and we resist Him. It doesn't matter which form the disobedience takes--either way it is rebellion. Either way, it temporally separates us from God, and the only way to fix the problem is to start obeying Him again.

The good news is that God doesn't give up on us when we allow ourselves to become separated from Him because of rebellion or willful disobedience. He sends His Holy Spirit to work in our lives by convicting us. He tries to get us to change our behavior so we can be restored to a right relationship with God.

There is one more area of rebellion we have to discuss, the area of unforgiveness, resentment and offense. God has given us a very clear direction about that--He said, "don't do it." Look at Matthew 6:14-15:

"For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses."

Ouch. That basically says that if we hold offense towards someone else, then our Heavenly Father is offended by our behavior.

That did not make sense to me at first, until one friend of mine did something bad to another of my close friends. Then I felt very offended at that person, not because of how they treated me, but because of how they treated my friend. I took personal offense at their action because they wronged one of my close friends, and I did not want to be friends with them anymore . (We did restore friendship later on, but the incident put a serious strain on our relationship for a while).

God is the same way. He is "friends" with all of us. So if we hold unforgiveness in our heart towards another, God takes offense at our attitude. We don't sabotage the other person by holding unforgiveness in our heart towards them, we sabotage ourselves and our intimacy with God. And the only way that we can get back in intimacy with God is by repenting of our unforgiveness and then by forgiving the person from the bottom of our heart.

A False Sense Of Separation

This is where it "feels" like we are separated from God when we really are not. This is often referred to as a "spiritual desert." It can feel this way for various reasons:

  1. God might be withdrawing the sense of His nearness to either test us or to teach us to walk by faith.

  2. The devil may be opposing us and trying to make us think we are separated from God so that we don't keep doing what He is doing (tearing down the devil's kingdom to build God's kingdom up).

  3. We may have allowed ourselves to become so run down or exhausted that our senses our dull, so that we can't hear His voice clearly or perceive His presence.

The course of action we need to take to fix the problem (feeling separated from God when we really are not) varies depending on what the cause of the problem is.


If God is withdrawing the sense of His nearness, we must realize that He has not withdrawn from us or abandoned us. God had not moved away from us, it just feels that way, which means we must choose not to trust our feelings. Instead we trust and choose to believe what God has said in His word, the Bible.

If God intentionally withdraws the sense of His presence, He is either testing us or teaching us something (like how to stand in faith). Our best strategy is to cooperate with Him as best we can. We want to get through the lesson (or test) as fast as possible. We need to choose to stand firm in faith even when we can't feel the sense of His nearness. We need to remain faithful to do all that God has asked us to do even it feels like He is He feels far away. We need to remind ourselves that He is faithful and that He is loving. We need to take heart in the knowledge that this is just a temporary state and it is His will for us to once again walk in deep a sense of deep intimacy with Him.


If the sense of separation comes because of a spiritual attack, we need to clothe ourselves in God's armor and stand firm, as per Ephesians 6:10-18. If we are strong enough, we need to engage in spiritual warfare to break rebuke and break the enemy's attack off of us. If we are too weak to fight ourselves, then we should ask our friends to pray for us. We should also renew our commitment to serve God and proceed on the last clear direction that He gave us with determination and vigor.


When we are run down or exhausted, we get to the place can't think clearly and our senses get dull. That effects our ability to hear God's voice clearly and it makes it harder to perceive His nearness.

Common sense tells us that we can't maintain an effective intimacy relation with someone when we are barely able to function. That is true both in the natural and in our walk with God. It is extremely difficult to walk in close intimacy with God when we are exhausted and run down. That is why God created a Sabbath or day of rest. He knew that we can't be on the go all the time or we run ourselves down. He wanted us to both rest physically and draw near to Him. Many of us get so busy today serving God that we allow ourselves to run down to the point where it effects our interaction with God.

If our sense of separation comes from being worn out and exhausted, we need to rest and take care of ourselves. Then we will be in a better place both physically and emotionally to perceive God's nearness.


False condemnation and rejection issues often try to enter into the picture when we have this false sense of separation from God. We may start to feel like God is mad at us even though we are not aware of any rebellion or unrepented sin in our lives. If the devil tells us lies to separate us from God, we need to fight back with God's truth. One way is to write down some Bible verses and quote them back to the devil when he tells us one of his lies. For instance, if he tells us that we ere too sinful and dirty to come to God, we might want to fight back with 1 John 1:7, which says, "The blood of Jesus Christ, God's Son, cleanses us from all sin."

If you are struggling with condemnation issues, an good verse to start with is Romans 8:1, "There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit."

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