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God Speaks To Us Through The Prophetic

Lesson 3

Compiled By Teresa Seputis

The Lord likes to encourage our faith, but He wants wants us to understand what faith is. When we pray for faith, that is a good thing, and God will answer that prayer. But we must understand that the way He usually answers it for us is to put us in faith-producing situations and then to come through for us, so we can experience His faithfulness.

Here are three different words that God has given on faith.

This Is The Season

Child, this is the season where I am releasing faith in the hearts of those who have been asking Me for it.

Many of you have not understood what you were praying when you would ask, "Lord, increase my faith." Did you think that faith drops into your spirit simply by osmosis? Did you think that I would work faith in you apart from putting you into faith-producing circumstances?

Child, it is a good thing for you desire to see My power and My glory move in your circumstances. It is a good thing if you desire to pray for the sick and see them healed. It is a good thing if you desire to speak My word with authority and see blinders fall off of people, that they may receive the good news of the gospel. Child, these are good things, and I have already promised in My word that I will give you those type of good things when you ask Me for them. So you do well to ask. Continue to ask Me to increase your faith. Continue to ask for faith to pray for the sick and see them healed. Continue to ask for faith to move mountains.

But child, do not be surprised when I begin to answer your prayer. I assure you, that I will allow you to be put into situations that challenge your faith. I do not allow it that you might be tormented. Rather I allow it that your faith might grow. For, even before I allow you into the situation, I have already devised a strategy to bring My glory into that situation and work in it for your good.

It is My desire to build your faith through experience, because it is when I meet you in your desperate situation that you know, down deep, that I am faithful and that I am powerful and that I am able. And the knowing of that is what builds faith. I allow you to experience the crisis or desperate situation and then I allow you to experience My deliverance in it. Then you know in the innermost core of your being that I am able! That knowing is material from which faith is built. As I come through for you again and again, as you experience success after success in seeing My faithfulness, then faith builds in your being.

Child, you can facilitate this process. You can choose to keep your eyes and your focus on Me in the difficult situations. When I led the children of Israel out of Egypt to the Red Sea with an army chasing them, they saw the circumstances as an opportunity for destruction and personal ruin. But Moses saw it as an opportunity for Me to demonstrate My power and My deliverance to My people. You see, they looked at the circumstances and it drained what little faith they had. But Moses looked at Me, and he looked to Me and he saw how I came through for him. Child, look to My faithfulness and My ability in the midst of your difficult circumstances, and I say to you, your faith will grow.

Remember, My goal in allowing these difficulties is to increase your faith, so I am already planning to meet you in them and I am already planning to work on your behalf. Trust that My word is true. Trust that My intentions are good. Trust that I am a faithful and loving Father who takes good care of My children. Child, put your focus and attention on My nature and My character instead of on the circumstances. From that posture, call out to Me and watch what I will do in your situation. Watch how I will demonstrate My faithfulness. Watch and see what I will do. And as you see what I will do, your faith will grow. For child of mine, this is the time and the season where I am answering your prayer, "Lord increase my faith."

Faith In The Dry Seasons

Child of mine, I have a great care for you. I am faithful and I desire to teach you of My faithfulness. I love to make you aware of My presence and I delight in talking to you. But there are times when I draw back for a short season.. I do not do this to punish you, but to build your faith.

It is easy to know I am faithful when you are surrounded by My tangible presence. But child, I want you to know it in ever circumstance. There will be seasons where I seem distant and you will not understand why. You will search your heart for rebellion or disobedience or unforgiveness and will not find any. You will wonder why you cannot sense My nearness and why your eyes seem dimmer to spiritual things. Child, this is the time where I am stretching your faith.. to know that I am faithful and I am ever present even when you cannot perceive Me.

This is the season where the enemy, the accuser, likes to come in and tell you that I am mad at you. His desire is to bring condemnation, to make you feel separated from Me even though you cannot identify anything in your life of behavior that should be separating you. Child, this is where the enemy wants to trick you into believing that I am not faithful, that I am not loving and that I am not forgiving. His desire is to put a crack in a structural wall (so to speak) that your faith might begin to crumble. Do not give into that temptation. Continue to believe what I have said to you in My word, that I am a loving Father, that I will never leave nor forsake you, that there is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. Know that you have been adopted into My family and that nothing can separate you from the love of Christ. Know that this is true even when you cannot feel it. For it remains true.

It is My desire to strengthen your faith, not to weaken or erode it. It is My desire for you to be able to stand on the promises I have given you and to know that I will keep My word to you because it is My nature to be faithful. I want you to have a deep-seeded assuredness of steadfastness, of My dependability. I want you to know that apart from emotions -- apart from feeling "good" or being lost in worship. It is at that point that your faith becomes deep-rooted, mature and is able to move mountains. It is My desire that you do with Me what I am doing in My power and authority. It is My desire that you are not limited by human constraints and by lack of faith. This is why I take you into the desert for seasons.. to strengthen your resolve and confidence in WHO I am and in My faithfulness. For child, I am faithful and you can count on Me.

An Invitation To Believe

My people, this is not a time for words, it is a time for faith and action. I am calling you to leave behind your limitations and come forward with Me. The limitations that are upon you are of your own making, not of Mine. Shake them off of you, they are not My will for you.

Have I not clearly shown you My will for you? It is not a placing of restrictions and limitations on your growth. Have you not read John 14:12-14? Did not My Son say that it is Our will for you to do the same works that Jesus did? Have you not read how He cast out demons, healed the sick, proclaimed the kingdom of Heaven, set captives free and worked signs and wonders that defied the laws of nature. Have you not read how Jesus saw what His Father was doing and then did it with Him. Child, this is My will for you as well!

Do you remember when Peter asked to walk with My Son on the water? What was Our response? Did we say "yes" or "no"? We said "Yes" and invited Peter out of the boat into walking with Us in Our power. It was NOT Peter's God who limited Peter and caused him to fail. It was his own lack of faith. Have you not read how My Son said "come," and how Peter walked on the water in My power and anointing. It was not until he took his eyes off of My Son that he began to sink. He looked upon the storm and upon waves and he became frightened. He began to question his faith and that was when he began to sink. Yet, even when Peter's faith failed him, My Son did not fail him. My Son reached out and pulled Peter to safety, He did not allow him to be destroyed by his own fears and doubts.

Child, stretch forth your faith. Begin to believe what I have already said to you in My word, the Bible. Begin to read the promises that are there and begin to believe in them. Begin to stretch forth your faith to Me and watch Me meet you in it. For I have called you to do with Me what I am doing and the only thing that is limiting you in this is your own lack of faith.

I am not calling you to begin by calming the storm. For your faith needs to grow and it is My desire to assist you in this. But I am calling you to begin by taking baby steps in believing Me and in trusting Me. I am not sending you to the hospitals to heal all who are there and clear them out. But I am calling you to begin to pray for those around you who are sick.. your friends, your coworkers, your brethren at Church. Watch Me meet you in those prayers that your faith may grow and increase. I am not calling you to hold city wide crusades, but to share My power and My reality with those around you as situations arise. I am calling you to take baby steps of faith that you might learn to walk in faith. I am calling you to fix your eyes on My Son and on the promises He has given you. Do not focus on the problems or it will drain the little faith that you have. Rather, fix your attention on Me and allow Me to meet you and to increase your faith.

Child of Mine, it is My desire for you to be successful in Me. It is My desire for you to grow in faith, to learn to walk in My power and in My authority. It is My desire for you to see clearly what I am doing, that you might do it with Me. My plans for you are good, not evil. My desires for you are good. I desire to remove the limitations from you that hold you back from becoming the man or woman of God that I have destined you to be. My heart for you is that you might succeed in Me, that you be transformed to the image of My Son through My indwelling Spirit and that you be released in faith. I have not placed limitations on restrictions on you... Rather I have called you to do with Me the same works My Son did while He walked on this earth. Child that is My will for you, it is My plan for you.

I desire for you to walk in it on a daily basis. Many of you think, "I am not allowed to do this.. it is for someone else." But I say unto you, you are indeed allowed. I am not limiting you, you are limiting yourself. If only you stretch forth your faith, you will see My power and glory flow through you on a regular basis. For, child of Mine, I desire to do this for you.

It is My will for you to move with Me in My power on a daily basis. It is also My will for you to walk in holiness and victory. If you will look to Me, I will increase your faith so that you can do the very things with Me that I desire to do through you.

Child, I am not limiting you, you are limiting yourself. But if you allow Me to, I will remove those limitations from you. Look to Me and allow Me to increase your faith. Then you can step out and watch Me meet you. Come to Me and let Me expand your horizons. I desire to take you further than you believe it is possible to go. Allow Me to rework your expectations over this coming year. Allow Me to give you My vision, for child of Mine, it is time for you to move with Me in My power and glory.

The miraculous is to be normal for you. You are to be a demonstration of My power. And My anointing is to rest on you. Only believe, child of Mine, and all of this shall be yours. And if you are still unable to believe, then come to Me and allow Me to increase your faith. It is My desire to do that for you. For, child of Mine, I would have you walk in the supernatural on a daily basis. I would have you do with Me what I am doing that My glory might be manifest on this earth. Child of Mine, purpose in your heart to do this with Me and you shall obtain it. For, I am with you and you can do all things through Me.

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