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This is an email list to distribute relevant words to the body of Christ.

It is a one-way distribution list.. e.g, it will send posts to you but it will NOT allow you to post to it. (This is not a discussion list, simply a distribution list).

Please NOTE: the prophetic-word list will NOT send more than 1 word a day
to the list and will try to send at least 1 a week. Many people
cannot handle high volumes of email and this list is designed
to keep the volume of email it generates very low but to still
provide key prophetic words to the body of Christ.

There is no fee to participate on this list. It is offered free as a service to the body of Christ.


Simply send any email to this address: (You will be sent back a verification code by email. This is very important, you must send that verification code to <> to complete the registration process.)

If you encounter any problems in subscribing, please write the admin address for assistance. It is:

NOTE: The address is symbolic because of spam harvesting. Be sure to subsitute the character @ for AT in the above address.


If you wish to reply to the person who gave a specific word, please reply to the address in the "This word was submitted by.." line. Replies sent to the list owner will not be forwarded to the person who contributed the word.


Please feel free to re-distribute any of the words from the prophetic-word list to friends, to other email lists, to newsletters and magazines, www pages, etc. The words distributed on the prophetic-word list are intended to be freely and widely circulated.


If you feel the Lord has given you a word that is relevant to the body of Christ, you can submit it for distribution on the prophetic-word list by sending an email to this address:
Note: the above address is symbolic because of spam harvesters. Please substitute the character @ for the AT in the address.

We cannot guarantee that we will distribute all words submitted to this list.. please do not be offended if you submit a word and it is not distributed.

Please NOTE:
Words must be submited as plain text only. We cannot accept words that are forwarded microsoft word docuemnts. We cannot accept words that have embedded html characters. So when you submit a word to us, please make sure it is plain text, or we will not be able to read it on our system and therefore we cannot consider it for distribution.

Please NOTE:
If you submit a word and it is accepted and distributed on our list, that word will also be perminately archived on our web page, including your full name and your email address. However, we will use square brackets ("[" and "]") to denote the address instead of the standard angle brakcets ("<" and ">") so that the addresses are less likely to be harvested by spammers.

Please NOTE:
We are unable to reply directly to everyone who submits words. All words which pass our criteria (see Criteria For Selecting Words ) will be saved in a folder until we are ready to select our next batch of words. Then it will be prayerfully reviewed with the other words we have collected in this folder. At this time, some words are selected, some are rejected and others are put back in the folder for future use, as God directs.

If your word is selected for distribution on the prophetic-word list, then we will contact you by email and let you know what date that word will be distributed on.

If you submit a word to us, plese do not expect to hear back from us in the near future, as it is not possible for us to get back to everyone who submits words to us. Our review cycles are anywhere from 10 weeks to about 15 weeks, depending on how many words were selected in our last batch. That means it usually takes a long time to hear back from us that your word is going to be disributed on this list. Again, we try very hard to allow God to select which words He wants distributd and which date He wants them disributed on. (That means it is possible you can submit a God-ordained word and the Lord may tell us to save the word for a future date because it is not yet time for that word to be distributed on our list. So please be patient regarding words that you submit.)


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