Criteria For Selecting Words

When words are submitted to us, we collect the words into a folder and prayerfully review them once every 10 to 15 weeks. So if you have done a recent submission, it is probably sitting in the folder, awaiting review. The address to submit words is:
Note: the above address is symbolic because of spam harvesters. Please substitute the character @ for the AT in the address.

We do have some requirements for a word submission to make it into the folder. It must:

  1. be submitted in plain text, not in html, and not as a word document.
  2. The word must be typed in regular case, not ALL CAPITALS. We find all capitals too hard to read and we are not rewilling to retype the word to distribute it. So we will not accept submissions were the word is typed in all capital letters.
  3. The first/last name of the person who gave the word must be enclused with the submission. We believe in the accountability of the prophet and therefore do not distribute anonymous words.

We periodically review our folder of words. We start by bouncing them aginst are list criteria and eleminating the words that do not meet them. Those criteria include:

  1. We disqualify words that contridict scripture.
  2. We do not distribute judgemental or negatively corrective or strogly rebuking words on the list at all. They may be real God-words but they are outside of the parameters that God gave us for this particular list.
  3. We do no allow words with predictions of impending doom.. such as "God is going to destroy this city or this country by earthqake or flood." Those may (or may not) be valid and real God-words, but they are outside of the scope of what God gave us as guildelines for this particular list.
  4. We get rid of what I call "fluff.." words that don't say much of anything.
  5. We disqualify words that are for a specific individual or small group, such as a local church. We only circulate words relevent to the body of Christ at large.
  6. We disqualify words that strongly promote one area of theology over another, such as pre-tribulation rapture vs post-tribulation rapture vs mid-tribulation rapture. If the word addresses an area of theology where the theologians find many different and equally plausible interpretations, we do not allow words that appear to be written out of a person's theological beliefs.
  7. We disqualify words that appear to promote or build up another person over God. We do not believe that God would lift any human higher than Himself under any conditions.
  8. We disqualify all political words, such as "vote for this person" or "vote against that proposition." We also disqualify "words of correction and condemnations" directed towards a whole nation.

After that, the submitted words are prayerfully reviewed. We ask God to show us which ones He wants distributed and which order He wants them distributed in. There are times when God will say, I want this word distrubited, but not in this batch. In those cases the word goes back into the folder to await our next prayerful review session.

If a word is selected for this batch, we then ask God to show us precisely when He wants the word distributed. We do not look at a calandar for special dates/events, we simply ask God to select the order of the words He has selected. It is often amazing how well these words will correlate with special events and holidays, etc.

Please NOTE:
If you submit a word and it is accepted and distributed on our list, that word will also be perminately archived on our web page, including your full name and your email address. However, we will use square brackets ("[" and "]") to denote the address instead of the standard angle brakcets ("<" and ">") so that the addresses are less likely to be harvested by spammers.