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Date: Mar 8, 2007

This word is submitted by Yolanda Ballard [roarnworship@netzero.net]


                       Annihilate The Enemy

This is the time and the hour to rise up in power and pull down the
strongholds that have given you the most pain. No more are you to go
about struggling with what the enemy uses to oppress you. For now is
the hour that My people will rise up from their sleep and apathy and
possess the land that I gave My life for you to have.

Are you ready to go out as a mighty army, united as one? Are you ready
to cast down differences and stand together on that which really matters?
If so, then listen closely, for  I am about to give you your marching
orders. It is half pass the hour and it is about time that you rise up
fully equipped with your armor of light. Take your sword in hand and
start marching forward.

Do not look at what might come against you. Quench it all with your
sword and spear of intercession, and stand behind your shield of faith.
Confess only My word and not any negative report--do not accept anything
other than the best that I have for you. Pull down the strongholds by
letting out a cry of victory. Yes, blast the trumpet of praise and
victory. Blow the shofar loudly across the land and start marching
forward--for I will march across the land.  I will lead My mighty army
of worshipers, and we will tear down the unholy strongholds set up by
the enemy.

Yes, annihilate the enemy completely from your midst. You have My
authority and My banner. You are covered with My blood. I am your
Captain, and you are My faithful ones. I trust you with My power and
light. I will pour out My glory and I will blind the enemy and confuse
his efforts.

You are My bride, and I am getting you ready for a mighty feat. No more
will you be looked upon as defeated, but as one who will be feared by
the enemy's camp. You will rise up and cast down anything that tries to
hold you back. For you are making yourself clean in My presence, and you
are not allowing anything to stand in your way, and you are pressing in
like never before.

Yes, we have the victory over this battle. We are one and we reign mighty!
So rejoice in My victory, My beloved and faithful ones.