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This word is submitted by Teresa Seputis (TeresaS@XC.Org)


People, you have heard it said, "Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him." But my people, you have been busying yourself. You have been running to and fro. And you have been doing much and not resting.

Don't you know you have to rest in order to hear me more clearly? Your hearing will become dimmer as you wear yourselves out. The enemy would try to get you so overwhelmed with doing things that you have no time for Rest.

Even my Son, when we walked on this earth, took time to pull apart from the crowds, time to walk away form ministry, and to rest and to pray and to seek my face. If my Son, who is your role model, did this then don't you think I would expect you to do it as well?

Yet the enemy tries to tell you that you must be doing and doing and working and contributing and achieving. But I am calling you to set apart time to rest, time to refresh your bodies so that your ears will be clear to hear. I am calling you to put time apart for me.

Children, don't you know I desire to waste time with you? I desire to play with you, to have you sit at my feet, and to talk to you. I desire for you to be refreshed and ready so that when I send you out you are fresh for the tasks I have assigned you to. I have prepared much for each of you to do. But resting in me is a part of that ministry as well. Do not neglect this aspect.

Rest in me. Wait for me. And I will guide you clearly. And then I will send you out as vessels of my glory and I will cause my spirit and my anointing to rest more strongly on you. And I will fully equip you for all I desire you to do. And you will go forth in my power and in my victory.

Do not be afraid to rest in me, to pull apart in me. For I desire you unto myself.

Much good is ahead. You will see my glory come forth. Prepare yourselves by resting in me wait for my timing. Draw into that place of intimacy, for I have good things in store for you.



- teresa