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Date: Dec 04, 2001
This word is submitted by John and Kim Dillon (hsvdillon@juno.com)


             Return to Me, And I Will Heal Your Backslidings
                           (Jeremiah 3:22-23)

Return, you backsliding children, and I will heal your backslidings. Have
I not said, you must give up your idols?  For the time is at hand to be
purged of such things so you may go forth in power, in might, in My
presence.  Go forth in Me; it will yet be soon.  For now is the time of
cleansing, of healing, of restoring what the past has taken away from
you.  Despise not the chastening of the Lord, for it is yet my season. 
Despise not yourself, as you realize what you have been entangled in. 
But go forth as you yield to me, go forth and know that this season is
for your growth, your purity, your restoration of trust in Me.  For I
will yet prove to you that I can take the best care of you above all
others, says the Lord, so yield to me, find your comfort in me and in no
other, and rest in My love.