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Date: Dec 03, 2001
This word is submitted by Ginger Gardner (a_dragon_slayer@yahoo.com)


                                Oh Manna! 

In the midst of some life-changing trials God began to speak to me. It 
is important that I keep my hands out of the dough so-to-speak so the 
finished work will have His signature alone and everyone will know it 
is He! Then He alone will receive all glory. He gave me the idea of 
homemade bread. I have never made it but I enjoy partaking of it! Look 
at the process a loaf of bread goes through before you reap the benefit 
of it!

After all the ingredients are gathered in the precise amount, they are 
stirred, blended and mixed together -- some are even cut in! Every 
ingredient is vital in of itself -- but in unity with the rest.

It has to be kneaded (prayer on your knees!). 

It has to be permitted to rise properly.  If you force this process you 
will have inferior bread (Ishmael). Some breads require a second kneading 
and rising for a finer grain! 

Then the dough must be shaped! This is called "punching". Turn it on to a 
work surface and briefly knead it to remove gas bubbles (that which would 
cause us to be puffed up!) 

Using a knife (His dealings), divide the dough for specific loaves. (Our 
individual purpose.) 

Let the dough rest a few minutes. This process called "Bench Proofing" 
allows the gluten (the soul) to relax slightly for easier shaping. 

Cover the loaves loosely (giving space to expand) with lightly oiled 
plastic or waxed paper (anointed covering).

Let dough raise in room temperature or a warm place. (Conducive atmosphere) 
As with the first rising, verify the dough has risen enough by pressing it 
with a fingertip. (Be gentle...a punch is not required at this time. The 
harshness of the blow will damage it in this season.) 

Before the loaf goes into the oven (Refiner's fire) it may be scored with 
a sharp knife but not too deep. (A deep cut will ruin the bread now). The 
scoring serves as decoration but also without scoring the pressure of the 
expanding dough will tear the crust, or worse, the dough will be trapped 
by its own crust and rise very little. (In of ourselves we cannot do much 
as we will ruin ourselves. He desires to develop us beyond limitations 
but safely through His oven! He will not scorch or burn us; but He will 
remove us at the proper moment when we are GOLDEN brown). Obviously, it 
can't go into the oven too soon or too late--it will not rise to full 
potential if done too early and it will fall if done too late! And it 
has a special timing and temperature in the oven. 

God spoke clearly to me and said... 

"Just as a loaf of bread has a certain process so I have a certain 
process in your life. There is a time to cut with the knife and another 
time to simply score using the same knife.  There is a time to punch 
and a time to touch--both with the same hand.  If you are backwards in 
your directions you will foil (ruin) the loaf of bread.

"You must know when to knead, rise, punch, cut, divide, touch, or bake 
in the Spirit! Anything out of order will ruin what I am doing and you 
will not understand when it falls.  Harken unto Me, not to the world, to 
her opinions, ways or ideas, as she will lead you astray. Man does not 
live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from My mouth! You 
must have ears to hear or you will miss it and you will go hungry, 
unsatisfieD and you will get disappointed and fall. This is not a time 
to back off or shy away. Come by beloved, come! 

"My dealings will be stern with you now. You were a child and much grace 
abounded, but to whom much is given much is expected. Don't turn away 
from your Father when I speak. Stand and hear what I am saying. The deeper 
the root, the sweeter the fruit, as it comes with maturity.

"This is a season of maturity so others can taste and see that the fruit 
is palatable. It is time to grow up and put childish ways behind. Answer 
the call on your life. Let Me mature you. You will only glean from Me as 
you listen. Take heed as dark nights are coming and you won't be able to 
see Me or feel Me but you can hear My voice in the dark and you will have 
to depend on it to lead you to the left or to the right. You will have to 
know when to stop, go, move fast or move slow."