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This word is submitted by Risa Utley (RUtley4779@aol.com)

Proclaim Me

Proclaim the Day of the Lord. Proclaim and decree freedom for the captives.
This is the day for the true Emancipation Proclamation for my people. My people too long have been bound by the things of the world. It is time for my people to rise up and declare that NO MORE will the enemy enslave us.
NO MORE will the ways of the world triumph over us.
NO MORE will the blind not see,
NO MORE will the deaf ear go unopened
But NOW is the day of salvation, NOW is the time.
Proclaim ME my people, proclaim MY words to the lost, to the sick to the dying, to those who need Me.
For I have many people, but I desire many more.
Who will go? Who will proclaim?
Who will listen?
Only you my people, you must proclaim Me before the nations.
You must set the captives free, you must loose the bonds of the those held for ransom.
I have paid the ransom. Proclaim Me now while there is time.