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This word is submitted by Larry Sloma (Larrysloma@aol.com)


The Potter And The Clay

Behold, you teach and preach of the Potter, the wheel and the clay. Before the Potter, the wheel and the clay was the Creator and a Plan. For a Potter to do His work, He must dig up the clay. The clay needs to be washed to be clean. Then the clay must be pressed to remove the water. Then the clay must be aged for a season on a shelve. After the aging the clay is then put on a wheel. There is much clay but there is an appointed time to get to each amount of aged clay. There is enough clay put on the wheel to create many fine items necessary for the Kingdom. I am an experienced Potter and not a respecter of persons. The work I create is perfect and good and specific in purpose. It is correct the first time. There are no mistakes or flaws. My plan is perfect and each piece is rightly fitted to the other works that I raise up from my wheel. Again when the time is right the work is glazed and fired. When complete, it is a work for My glory and purposes. These works are mine and will be forevermore. The time on the wheel has to do with the complexity of the work. Many are called, few are chosen. Each work has a choice and choices as to the degree of the work.

Before being called, the clay is unusable and contaminated. During the process of preparation, the steps of preparation and the timing is Mine. The wheel is a work of dedication and then devotion. My eye is focused upon you and My hands alone can do the work, My feet turn the wheel. The firing is the touch of My throne as you totally become Mine. You are My best work and perfect in every way.