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This word is submitted by Barbara Doyle (lifegivers@sylcom.net)


The Day of His Voice

Listen My beloved and you will hear My voice all around you for this is the day of My voice. Listen and look and see the walls of My temple being built for I am raising the walls of My city that My people will come in. The ones that I have called will form this wall because the foundation has been laid.

My Son alone is the foundation. My builders will build the walls on that foundation. If you see other walls or other foundations know it is not from Me. Be alert for there will arise deception and purpose to bring you into their walls but I am putting a Spirit of strong discernment in My people that are building the walls and you will be able to know them by the spirit.

Look to me, focus your life on Me and you will not be deceived but will enter in through the gate and be My own. You think you have arrived but there will be a distinct change when the move has been made. Do not fear for once you enter in your life will make no difference to you. All your past will seem as foolishness compared to your life within the walls.

Come, I am waiting.