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This word is submitted by Petru Prinsloo (saip@cis.co.za)

Yesterday's Praise


For continued life & cross pollination, a flowering plant must bloom. It must bloom and present its beauty to creatures; it must open the leaves of its flowers and lift it's head to the wind otherwise it and it's specie will become extinct.

In the short term however, all flowers perish sooner or later. They perish because the season is over or because of drought or heat.

So too, is praise and worship unto Me. For abundant spiritual life, offer the beauty of your praise and worship unto Me. Lift your head for the Wind of My Spirit to spread the life and aroma in you.

Time, absence from the Water of Life and trials destroy your offerings of praise and worship. They become the praise and worship you offered yesterday. Today, and every morning My mercies are new - this is a new day, requiring today's praise and worship. I'm calling you into a fresh new start every morning. Forget yesterday --- that was yesterday. Offer unto Me praise and worship for TODAY; not yesterday's praise, nor for tomorrow (for tomorrow has it's own concerns) but for TODAY. This day, as you praise and worship and offer thanksgiving, I'll be right by your side all day long. TODAY, I'll be with you as I was with you yesterday and will be with you tomorrow but yesterday's praise was for yesterday, tomorrow's is for tomorrow; I want today's praise, worship and thanksgiving TODAY.