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This word is submitted by Yolanda Ballard (bethsheeba@juno.com)


Draw Close To My Side

Come, My little ones, come close to My side for I want to draw you near to My heart for I love you so much and want you close to Me. Many have drifted away from My intimate presence because they have chose to put other things first. But what is more important than drawing near to Me?

For in My presence I give you the strength you need to stand against the wiles of the enemy. And in My presence I fill you with My glory that you may touch other's lives with My grace and glory. Do not wander away from My side and take on a ministry of your own. Do not get caught up with works and acts of busyness that only distract you from My perfect will for your life.

For in My presence I will prepare you to do My works to touch other lives....to heal the sick and set the captives free. In My presence you will receive orders to carry out My will....but how do you know My will if you don't spend time with Me? Give Me your whole heart and worship Me by just drawing close and basking in My presence. For this pleases Me so much to just have My children gathered around Me and receiving My love.

So draw close to Me, My children. Draw close to My side and rest in My presence, and I will refresh you and anoint you with My power. I will heal you and strengthen you because you have been in My presence receiving all I have for you. So draw near and be blessed, My children, for I love you and want you to stay close, says your Father.