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This word is submitted by Carylann Hartley (Chart4God@aol.com)


Be Ready

Be ready! Be willing to move as the Lord shows you. He WILL call to you in the still small voice. Do not expect Him to shout. Be encouraged but know that hard times are ahead for He is making cuts in His diamonds. But remember that He is that one making those cuts to polish and refine you. Do not worry about what will come but look to Him each day and let Him unfold the things that are to take place. Do not try to do things in your own strength for they will fail. Now is a time that you MUST look to Him and hear clearly as many changes are still taking place.

The Church MUST come into unity so that He can perfect that which He has established. Hold tight to the promises He has given you for they will start to take place in a much greater way before this year is over.