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This word is submitted by Bill Hardaway (WHard1954@aol.com)


Trust in Me and let Me guide you

Deliverance does not come from the hand of man or by his own strength. It comes from Me! What can you produce on your own? Can you move the mountains that I have placed before you? Can you calm the storms that I have brought your way? Know that in all things I am working for your good. If you can not produce the righteousness that I desire, then why do you worry about what now stands as an obstacle in your path?

I alone can provide the wisdom and strength you need to endure and achieve the victory that you have desired so desperately. Do not then look to your own strength or devices, but look to Me! I will guide you through the events you are currently facing. Let go and let me guide you, rest in Me and watch as the obstacles before you fall away as you approach them.

Trust in Me and let Me guide you. Do not trust in yourself, please place no confidence in the flesh. My Spirit will guide and lead you in the way you should go. Lay down your own desires and I will reveal Mine to you. Lay down your own strength and I will fill you with Mine. Lay down your own life and I will give you Mine.

Give everything to Me, for I alone can carry your burdens and calm your fears. Give everything to Me and you will walk in the peace and have the joy that you have so desired. Give everything to Me and I will set you free. Rejoice your deliverance from what has held back in the past is at hand. I desire to set you free..........now please allow Me.........give everything to Me.