Prophetic-School Words: Sacrifice

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Sacrifice (Diane Eaton)

Originally from: Diane Eaton <>
Originally dated: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 16:45:33 -0500


The following words have been burning on my heart for a while and I feel that I need to share them as a prophecy to the group.

Ps. 51:19 Then there will be righteous sacrifices, whole burnt offerings to delight you; then bulls will be offered on your altar.

God is calling us to a level of sacrifice that is deeper than ever before.

We have been sacrificing much that has not been a delight to the Lord. We have decided for ourselves what we want to sacrifice. We have held back much for ourselves to consume.

We must now be willing to offer up to God anything and everything that He requests,

everything that we cherish,
everything that we have felt we can't get along without.

God wants to clear the way so that He can release into us and through us blessings so wonderful that we cannot even imagine them. But there will be a cost.

Our abilities must be completely sacrificed, regardless of how much we have put into the development, training, and education. Our giftings must be released to God so that we do not have any expectations for how they are to be used.

We cannot hold on to past laurels, or our present careers or positions. There may be things in our home that we cherish dearly or that have a nostalgic sentiment to us, that will be extra weigh and will hinder us in the "race marked out for us" (Heb. 12:1)

There may be traditions that we will be called to let go of. Others may not understand why or they may even be offended by us. We may seem to be irresponsible to some people.

We must sacrifice the expectations others have of us and the expectations we have of others.

Cherished relationships must be sacrificed to God. We cannot let our loved ones come between God's calling and our obedience to Him.

But our God is a loving God and He will call us to sacrifice what He knows is for His glory and for our good. He will gently lead us a step at a time and will reward us with a taste of Himself.

In Ps. 51:19 bulls were sacrificed as a burnt offering, completely consumed for the Lord.

Bulls give seed for new life. So also pastors give out the precious seed of the Word of God for new life in the Spirit.

Churches must offer up their pastors to God as a sacrifice completely consumed unto God. We cannot desire to keep anything of what they have to offer for our own desires. We must let go of all expectations that we have of them and free them up to be used by God the way God wants to use them. He may want them to be completely outside of the traditional role of a pastor.

It is not the church who hires the pastor, but the Lord who appoints him to do HIS will.

Pastors must sacrifice their positions to the Lord. They must release and sacrifice their congregations to the Lord. He may want to work with them in unexpected ways, and through unexpected people. They must sacrifice their pulpits to the Lord. Let God have His way.

Our ability to sacrifice will be dependent on our faith and trust in God. Oh, what opportunities for our faith to be deeply

It is time to expect the unexpected!!!
With great anticipation from the heavenlies!!

Diane Eaton

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