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Office of Prophet

Jim Wies

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Originally dated: Thu, 14 May 1998 20:35:59

Teresa wrote... >>> If you are in the office of prophet then please send me a private email identifying yourself to me. >>>

This should be interesting... and might even warrant a brief description of the difference between being called and chosen into a particular ministry. It is important to understand there is a difference between the calling and the choosing.

When one is chosen or "set into" a particular office it is commonly called ordination. To ordain is... "to invest with ministerial or sacredotal functions"; "confer holy orders upon"; "to select for or appoint to an office."(Webster's College Dictionary)

The ministry organization from whom I first received ordination described it this way: To ordain or appoint means to point the finger of confirmation. They looked for several (6) fingers of confirmation that are important for one to know for sure they are ordained of God.

1. Personal witness. (your own heart):

We must first of all know in our own heart that God has called us. This is necessary but must have additional confirmation for the simple reason that our own hearts can deceive us. We need both subjective and objective (internal and external) confirmation.

2. Recognition from our significant others. (family or those who know us best)

Those who know us best have the ability to point out our blind spots best... and blind spots are common to all of us. (yes it's true) In fact, the list of qualifications of elders in the church given in 1 Tim. 3:4,5 tells us if we can't make it work at home don't try to export it. (this DOES have exceptions as stated in Matt. 13:57 in regard to prophets)

3. Recognition from our peers. (those of the same calling)

This is not a scripture but is so often true: It takes one to know one.. (grin)

4. Recognition from our constituents. (those who are recipients of our ministry)

Once a major consortium of leaders were gathered to discuss what a leader is. All kinds of definitions were offered but one wise old man listened and watched as the definitions were bounced back and forth and finally was asked his definition of a leader. He leaned back in his chair and said.. "Well... it seems to me that the best way you can know if someone is a leader... is to look and see if anyone if following him"... 'nuff said?

5. Recognition from those to whom we look for spiritual oversight. (spiritual authorities)

Do those who give us spiritual oversight recognize the anointing and grace of God upon our life? Are they willing to "lay hands on" and confirm/bless it?

6. The witness of the Holy Spirit.

The supernatural gifts and anointings for effective ministry that only God can grant. These criteria are not meant to become rigid rules designed to disqualify anyone God has called, but rather to help us know with confidence that God's anointing, grace and power is ready to back us up.

Jim Wies
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