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Author: Teresa Seputis <ts@godspeak.net>

Prayer-School Course #42

Proclamation Prayer

By Teresa Seputis

Lesson 10
Proclamation For The Internet

Since many aspects of GodSpeak, including the prayer-school, are provided via email and web pages, we have an invested interest in covering the internet in prayer.

A lot of people only use one or two aspects of the internet, such as email or web pages, and have been taught that the rest of the internet is evil and to be avoided at all costs. But that is not true. The internet is neither good nor evil--it is merely a communication tool. It is a part of the media, just like television, magazines, newspapers, etc. The internet has the potential to be used for evil, but it also has the potential to be used for good.

The key to whether the internet is "good" or "evil" depends on how it is used and on what materials are presented on it. The devil would like very much to use the internet as a tool to promote his own agenda. At the same time, the devil would like to keep believers from using the internet to advance the kingdom of God. So we want to pray that the devil not be allowed to accomplish His purposes on the internet, but that God's purposes would be accomplished through it.

The internet is very powerful, because people from all over the world have instant access to its material via email, web pages, chatrooms, blogs, bulletin boards, discussion centers, etc. It touches and effects a lot of lives, and therefore it makes sense to cover it in prayer.

There are many good things on the internet to help people better their lives, including health and diet advice, support groups for people trying to overcome some type of problem, etc. The internet is a powerful tool to help people obtain information on almost every subject and to keep abreast of the news. It's chatrooms provide a way for people to make online "friends" who share similar interests, and to begin to build relationships. There are also many godly resources for believers on the internet and we want to bless those things.

But the internet can also be a place where people are introduced to addictions, brought in to bondage or exposed to people who desire to harm them. Of course, we want to stand against the devil using the internet in that manner.

So I am providing a proclamation prayer that blesses and calls forth the "good" aspects of the internet and stands against the negative ones. Feel free to add things to this prayer that God puts on your heart if you pray.

I am hoping that the Lord will lay it on some intercessors hearts to pray for the internet on an ongoing basis.

Proclamation Prayer To Reclaim The Internet

Our Lord Jesus prayed, "Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven." We stand in agreement with His prayer in the area of the Internet. We recognize that it is simply a communication tool, and it is neither good nor bad in it's own merit. We claim it and set it aside for God's kingdom and principles, that it it would be used to mold the minds of men in accord with God's plans and purposes.

Specifically we call all internet activity to come into alignment with God's will and principles. We declare that it will no longer be used to promote the devil's agenda to kill, steal, destroy, corrupt, demoralize and discourage. Instead, let the internet be used to present truth and hope, to encourage people, and to help them raise to their full potential and step into their god-given destiny.

We are believing the Lord for

And in Jesus' name we call forth

We claim that the devil will not be able use any of these new and emerging internet technologies for his purposes, but that they will be used to cause God's will to be done on this earth, as it is in Heaven.

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