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Prayer-School Mini-Course Series

Series Introduction and Course Overview

Announcing: On-Line Prayer and Intercession Training Series

The Prayer School Training Mini-Course Series... a series of short classes and (teaching and discussion) that will be offered on the prayer-school list. Various members of the leadership core will teach short courses on a topic relevent to prayer and intercession. The current course is:

#41 Beginning Mar 31, 2008, three leaders of the Mozambique Revival will teach a 18 week series titled
REVIVAL As Seen Through The Eyes Of Leaders From The Mozambique Revival

Details about this mini-course are enclosed below. The series will continue beyond the announced course topics.

To Enrole in the Prayer-School Mini-Course Series:

Simply subscribe to the prayer-school list. This will automaticly enrole you in the course. Lesson material (teaching) will be sent out on the list on Mondays. All course-related discussion will be on the prayer-school list.

If you are not already subscribed to the prayer-school list, send email to <prayer-school-join@godspeak.cc>

The first lesson in "REVIVAL" series will be sent out to the prayer-school list on Monday, Mar 31, 2008. To join the course, simply subscribe to the list before then.

If you are already subscribed to the prayer-school list, you don't have to do anything.. you are already enrolled in this training series.

WWW Information:

Mini-Course #41 Series

Course #41 description:

REVIVAL As Seen Through The Eyes Of Leaders From The Mozambique Revival
Heidi Baker, Rolland Baker and Surprise Sithole
Mondays, beginning Mar 31, 2008; lasts for 18 weeks.

Course Contents/Description:

Rolland Baker is the grandson of H.A. Baker, who wrote the book Visions Behond The Veil detailing a revival in an orphanage in China in the early 1900s. Following in his grandfather's footsteps, Rolland and Heidi Baker opened an orphange for unwanted beggar children in Mozambique, one of the poorest nations in the world. They sowed faithfully for several years without seeing a lot of visible fruit. Then God gave them a prophecy where He promised to give them the Nation of Mozambique. After that, major revival broke out in Mozambique, and it is considered one of the most significant revivals of our day. Many people are being saved, and the sick are healed and the dead are raised. Churches are being planted so fast that they have problems finding and training pastors for them. The revival looks like the book of Acts, where every day believers experience the miraculous in their day to day lives.

Rolland and Heidi Baker conintnue to oversee Iris Ministries, and continue to oversee the orphanage and outreach meetings in Mozambique. However, they also spend a portion of their time traveling and speaking and teaching in churches all over the world.

Surprise Sithole is on Staff with Iris Ministries. In past years he traveled extensively with Rolland to new villages. Surprise has a "gift of language" similiar to what we saw at Pentacost. With the Holy Spirit's help, Surprise is able to learn and become fluent in a langauge that he has never hear before in a matter of hours. He used to translate for Rolland when they would go into the bush and meet a new tribe that spoke their own lanaguage. Surprise has planted an amazing number of churches from new converts. He flows strongly in God's healing power and has an amazing love and faith. More recently, Surprise is stationed in South Africa and is overseeing the pastors of the over 5000 churches that were planted during the revival.

This teaching series is about revival, and how to live in it. There are three teachers in this series, as follows:

  • Heidi Baker will teach four lessons on love
  • Surprise Sithole will teach five lessons faith and radical obedience
  • Rolland Baker will teach seven lessons on how to tap into God's revival power.
(The "Prayer-School" list will continue to function as it has been with other discussion as well, centered around topics pertaining to prayer and intercession; but in addition to the "regular stuff" we will be giving and receiving feedback about the information contained in each weeks teaching article.)

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