Prayer-School Mini-Course Series


The Prayer-School Leadership Core


Course 38
Praying To Obtain God's Best
by John DeLaughter

Class Materials:

  1. Course Introduction
  2. Week 1 Lesson Why Pray?
  3. Week 2 Lesson Understanding God's Timing
  4. Week 3 Lesson More On God's Timing
  5. Week 4 Lesson Encouragement Along the Wait
  6. Week 5 Lesson Some "Does and Don'ts" While You Wait on God
  7. Week 6 Lesson More "Does and Don'ts" While You Wait on God
  8. Week 7 Lesson How to Foil the Enemy's Taunts
  9. Week 8 Lesson Lies The Devil Tells Us To Destroy Our Faith
  10. Week 9 Lesson When the Waiting Room becomes a Classroom
  11. Week 10 Lesson The "In's and Out's" of Emotions While You Wait
  12. Week 11 Lesson Dealing With Our Emotions In A Godly Way
  13. Week 12 Lesson Is it Possible to Pray "Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt?" The Cross at the Door
  14. Week 13 Lesson The Cross at the Door
  15. Week 14 Lesson Crucifying Our Carnal Nature or Dying To Self
  16. Week 15 Lesson The Difference Between Doubt and Brokenness
  17. Week 16 Lesson Brokenness
  18. Week 17 Lesson Thoughts about Faith and the Invisible World
  19. Week 18 Lesson The Unseen World Of Faith And The Spirit
  20. Week 19 Lesson More Thoughts on Prayer and the Unseen World
  21. Week 20 Lesson Satanic Roadblocks to Obtaining God's Best (Part 1 of 2)
  22. Week 21 Lesson Satanic Roadblocks to Obtaining God's Best (Part 2 of 2)
  23. Week 22 Lesson The End of the Road **New (Jul 16, 2007)**

[This series is now complete]

The Prayer-School Mini-Course Series is a series of sort courses (teaching and discussion) on topics relevant to prayer and intercession. These courses are offered by the Prayer-School leadership core.

This series is entitled Praying To Obtain God's Best. It is taught by John DeLaughter. It beings Monday, Feb 12, 2007 and will last for 22 weeks. A new teaching will be released on Monday of each week.

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