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Author: Rodney Hogue <RodHogue@aol.com>
Editor: Teresa Seputis
Transcribed by: Lucy Deliganis

Prayer-School MiniTraining Series

God's Presence and Enemy Resistance

by Rodney Hogue

Lesson 3

Pursuing God's Presence

The presence of God is always something very noticeable. God wants us to be carriers of that glory and give people tastes of His kingdom. We are to be carriers of the gospel and carry His glory and as we go next to people, they experience a taste of His kingdom. In one sense, people will not fill good because there is a cloud about them (their sin), and light is coming and they are getting exposed. But light is coming, and they are drawn on this. They are drawn to it because God made them that way. So we hand out these tastes for the kingdom.

How can you become a carrier of God's presence? You become a carrier whenever you pursue His presence.

This is the critical question here for you. Does my life attract His presence? Is my life lived in such a way that it attracts the presence of God? If you are going to walk in the glory and be a carrier of His presence, it will come with a cost.

You will have to come with repentance, brokenness, and a pursuit of purity. It says in Matthew 5:8, "Jesus said blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God." Are you willing to pursue this?

To be honest a lot of us are not pursuing God's presence. We are just pursuing God's blessing. We are not so certain we want the presence because that looks to be quite costly. This is like the people of Israel. God takes them through Mt. Sinai. That is the blessing place. God wants them to experience Him on the way. They get to the mountain and God tells Moses to have the people come to the mountain. He wants to speak to them there. They look at Moses and say they really do not want to do that.

But Moses said they had to so they came close to the mountain. God showed up - with lightning, thunder, the earth quaking, and everything is happening here. The full measure of the glory of the Lord is being manifest. Moses is ready to run up the mountain, but everyone else was wanting out of there. The people wanted the blessing, but just didn't really want to be around the presence. Some people run to the presence and some run away from Him. Moses ran to God. Most of the people didn't like the presence, but they all liked the blessing.

Doesn't that characterize the church a lot? I want you to know that I'll take all the blessings God wants to give me. I want my inheritance. I want everything God has for me. Do you know God can give you the blessing without the presence? But you are missing out on a lot because you will be missing God.

Acts 3 talks about times of refreshing coming from the Lord. There is a fullness of joy in His presence. If you have had the blessing and the presence, you'll forsake the blessing in order to experience the presence. We need to be carriers of God's presence. And to be a carrier of His presence, it is going to come at a price.

It is going to require a life that is going to pursue holiness, purity, brokenness, and humility. It requires continually repenting and falling before Him. But when you have His presence and are carrying Him wherever you go, people notice. Some people just get agitated with you and they don't know why. This is because the Spirit of the Lord is convicting them. The light is shining upon them.

Some people need release from bondage and as you bring the glory there, the shackles begin to unravel and let go because the spirits of darkness recognize the authority of God in their midst. Even though you speak gently, it carries the authority and weight of God.

Are you a carrier of the presence of God? Are you willing to pay the price?

Today you can be like the majority of Israel was and say Lord, don't give me the presence - I'll just take the blessing. God, because of His benevolent nature, He'll give you the blessing. But God says I have more for you to experience. There is more fullness, life, and power that comes from My presence. You can carry that. This is just not for a few people - like the pastor. God has called every one of us to be carriers of His presence. If you want that - talk to Him. Tell Him you want the full measure of His presence in your life. Tell Him you will do whatever it takes. What do you have to forsake today? It is worth it for His presence.

Some of you God is bringing through a road of brokenness. He is preparing you to be a receptacle of His presence. This is so everywhere you go, you will give a taste of His kingdom. God made you to be this way. He created you to be a receptacle for Him.

Lord Jesus, I ask that You release Your presence on each one. I ask that the full measure of Your glory will bring revelation and light to flood our souls and hearts. Lord, we ask that You rebuke the fear that we experience of what is going to involved in Your presence. Let us see that it is like the man who sold everything in order to gain the treasure. Let us see that Your presence is worth giving up everything. Lord, our world needs You. They are starving for Your presence, and You have called us to be carriers. Lord, rest on me today.

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