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Prayer-School Mini-Course Series

Series Introduction and Course Overview

Announcing: Mentors and Mentoring

The Prayer School Training Mini-Course Series... a series of short classes and (teaching and discussion) that will be offered on the prayer-school list. Various members of the leadership core will teach short courses on a topic relevent to prayer and intercession. Courses include:

current course:
#11 Beginning Dec 4, 2000, Teresa Seputis will teach a 3 week series on
"Mentors and Mentoring." (Details about this mini-course are enclosed below).

The series will continue beyond the announced course topics.

To Enrole in the Prayer-School Mini-Course Series:

Simply subscribe to the prayer-school list. This will automaticly enrole you in the course. Lesson material (teaching) will be sent out on the list on Mondays. All course-related discussion will be on the prayer-school list.

If you are not already subscribed to the prayer-school list, send email to prayer-school-join@godspeak.cc

Or you can subscribe to the list from a www page by clicking here.

Or you can subscribe to the list from a www page by clicking here.

The first lesson in Teresa's teaching series be sent out to the prayer-school list on Monday, Dec 4, 2000. To join the course, simply subscribe to the list before then.

If you are already subscribed to the prayer-school list, you don't have to do anything.. you are already enrolled in this training series.

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Mini-Course #11 Series

Course #11 description:

Mentors And Mentoring
Teresa Seputis
Mondays, beginning Dec 4, 2000; lasts for 3 weeks.

Course Contents/Description:
This couse is intended as a light look at mentoring. It primarily shares practical principles and does not go indepth into scripture to back these principles up. However, lesson 2 does look at a great number of scriptures from the relationship Jesus had with His disciples.

The first lesson looks at what a mentor is and explores some of the reasons why a mentor relationship can be beneficial in our growth and walk with the Lord. It shares a few hints for success in a relationship between the mentor and the mentee. The second lesson looks at Jesus' mentoring relationship with His disciples and draws 14 principles or insights from this. The final lesson gives practical information about mentor/mentee relationships. It covers different types of mentors, such as the coach, the teacher and the master/apprentice. It discusses some of the many different styles that a mentor may use to teach and impart. It also explores the different degrees of relationship/closeness between a mentor and mentee.

(The "Prayer-School" list will continue to function as it has been with other discussion as well, centered around topics pertaining to prayer and intercession; but in addition to the "regular stuff" we will be giving and receiving feedback about the information contained in each weeks teaching article.)

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