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Prayer-School Mini-Course Series

Series Introduction and Course Overview

Announcing: Do You Have The Stuff To Maintain A Move Of God?

The Prayer School Training Mini-Course Series... a series of short classes and (teaching and discussion) that will be offered on the prayer-school list. Various members of the leadership core will teach short courses on a topic relevent to prayer and intercession. Courses include:

current course:
#10 Beginning Oct 30, 2000, Rodney Hogue will teach a 5 week series on
"Do You Have The Stuff To Maintain A Move Of God?" (Details about this mini-course are enclosed below).

The series will continue beyond the announced course topics.

To Enrole in the Prayer-School Mini-Course Series:

Simply subscribe to the prayer-school list. This will automaticly enrole you in the course. Lesson material (teaching) will be sent out on the list on Mondays. All course-related discussion will be on the prayer-school list.

If you are not already subscribed to the prayer-school list, send email to prayer-school-join@godspeak.cc

Or you can subscribe to the list from a www page by clicking here.

... or subscribe from our www subscribe page ... http://www.godspeak.net/goto_subscribe.html

The first lesson in Rodney's teaching series be sent out to the prayer-school list on Monday, Oct 30, 2000. To join the course, simply subscribe to the list before then.

If you are already subscribed to the prayer-school list, you don't have to do anything.. you are already enrolled in this training series.

WWW Information:

Mini-Course #10 Series

Course #10 description:

Do You Have The Stuff To Maintain A Move Of God?
Rodney Hogue
Mondays, beginning Oct 30, 2000; lasts for 5 weeks.

Course Contents/Description:
The course will look at the exterrior and interrior hinderances to a move of God. It will look at the warfare strategies of the enemy, and it will examine four heart attitudes. Each of us will have one of these attitudes or mindsets. Three of the four of them hinder the move of God. The forth substains it. The teaching will examine resistant hearts, shallow hearts, distracted hearts, and receptive hearts. It will offer strategies for each of us to reposition ourselves to have receptive hearts, so that we can substain the move of God in our midst.
(The "Prayer-School" list will continue to function as it has been with other discussion as well, centered around topics pertaining to prayer and intercession; but in addition to the "regular stuff" we will be giving and receiving feedback about the information contained in each weeks teaching article.)

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