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Glimpses of Moscow Catch The Fire I & II


Teresa Seputis


God is "on the move" all over the world, doing awesome things and glorifying His name. He is also moving in Russia, and is doing significant things there. One of those significant things was an interdenominational pastors/leaders conference called "Catch the Fire" in Moscow in March of 1996. This conference was sponsored by Randy Clark and the St. Louis Vineyard Christian Fellowship. It was aimed at promoting unity among the various denominations, as well as introducing contemporary worship in the Russian language and bringing the renewal anointing to the pastors and leaders there.

I was privileged to be a part of the ministry team for this conference. It was like living the book of Acts... God showed up with incredible power and with more love and anointing than I think I've ever seen in one place before. He accomplished such a major thing with this conference that I think one day church historians may look back on this as a significant event in Church history.

It was an incredible experience to be allowed to participate in this. God became even more real and more powerful to me than He was before. But there were "real life" struggles for many of the team members during this conference as well as the incredible victories. I would like to share my own struggles as well as the awesome things that God did. (I don't want to misrepresent this as all mountain top experiences because the struggles and spiritual warfare were also a very real part of it.) We serve a powerful and amazing God who is able to glorify His name and work all things to His glory. He certainly worked things to His glory at this conference.

The Bible tells how God can use ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things, if they will just commit themselves to His total Lordship in their lives. That certainly was my experience on this trip...

This series consists of:

  1. Getting Me Ready To Minister
  2. Monday's Conference
  3. Tuesday Morning's Conference
  4. Tuesday Night's Conference
  5. Wednesday's Conference
  6. After the Conference
  7. The Flight Home
  8. Taking the Anointing Home With Us
  9. Summary of Moscow Catch The Fire II (1997)

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