Healing-School Mini-Course Series


The Healing-School Leadership Core


The Healing-School Mini-Course Series is a series of short courses (teaching and discussion) on topics relevant to learning to pray and interceed effectively. These courses are offered by the Healing-School Leadership core. The 1st course offered in this series is:

A Beginner's Guide To Healing

This course is taught by Teresa Seputis It beings Monday, June 11, 2001 and will last for 15 weeks. A new lesson will be released on Monday of each week.

This site may "appear" to be "under construction." This is because the material will NOT be released to the WWW site until it has been emailed to the healing-school list. To subscribe to this list, just send an email to <healing-school-join@godspeak.cc>.

Class Materials:

  1. Course Introduction
  2. Week 1 Teaching We Have Authority To Heal The Sick
  3. Week 2 Teaching What To Expect
  4. Week 3 Teaching How God Heals
  5. Week 4 Teaching Biblical Models of Healing Prayer -- Intercession, Agreement and Faith
  6. Week 5 Teaching More Biblical Models of Healing Prayer -- Faith, Proclamations and The Laying On Of Hands
  7. Week 6 Teaching More Biblical Models of Healing Prayer -- Anointing Oil And Deliverance
  8. Week 7 Teaching More Biblical Models of Healing Prayer -- Power And Authority Models of Healing Prayer
  9. Week 8 Teaching More Biblical Models of Healing Prayer -- Persistence and Moving In God's Anointing
  10. Week 9 Teaching Vineyard 5-Step Model of Prayer and Words Of Knowledge
  11. Week 10 Teaching Other Practical Models of Healing Prayer
  12. Week 11 Teaching Blessing Giftings and General Blessings
  13. Week 12 Teaching The Three Causes of Sicknesses
  14. Week 13 Teaching Post-Prayer Counseling
  15. Week 14 Teaching Wrap Up
  16. Week 15 Teaching Healing Practicum **New (Sep 17, 2001)**

[This completes this series.]

We hope you will be blessed and stretched by this series of mini-courses. You can send us email at <healing-school-owner@godspeak.cc>

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