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Healing-School List

What is healing-school? It was an electronic community or kinship of people who believe that the Lord still heals to day and who would like to learn to become more effective in praying for the sick. It provided a safe (non-threatening) place to learn to pray for the sick and see them healed. It provided systematic teaching, as well as being a place to build each other up and to encourage each other as we step out in faith to pray for the sick. It also provided a place to ask questions and to share experiences and even to share words of knowledge, prophecies and insights about healing with the group.

Leadership Core

The list was lead by a team of leaders who are fairly mature and experienced in healing ministry. They are all ordained ministers, in full time ministry and have each seen the Lord perform many supernatural healings as they minister. The leadership team will be giving input, guidance, teachings and support to the list. The leadership core included:

  • Bob Hazlett
  • Fred Kelly
  • Rusty Russell
  • Teresa Seputis

If you would like to see short bios on the leadership core members, click here.

Charter and List Guidelines

List members are expected to adher to the charter and guidelines for list conduct at all time. Failure to comply can result in removal from the list.

To see the Healing-School charter, click here.

This was a moderated list but it is no longer active.

Related Classes

The healing school offers a series of teachings or "mini-courses", each lasting anywhere from 4 to 14 weeks.

Healing-School MiniSeries Index several teaching-series on healing

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