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Charles Ndifon Healing Conference

At Trinity Center Church in Victoria BC

(October 10, 1998)

On October 6 to 11, Trinity Center Church in Victoria BC held a healing conference with Healer/Evangelist Charles Ndifon. I was able to fly out there and attend the meetings from October 7 til Oct 10.

I would not know where to begin to describe all God did surrounding this conference. For me personally, God did more than just what was done at the conference.. though what was done "just" at the meetings was awesome beyond words. So much happened that I could not possibly share it all with you.. here is some of what God did.

I had some frequent flyer miles I had to use by the end of the year or I would loose them. I felt the Lord wanted me to take Victoria, a prophet/evangelist friend, to Toronto with me for Catch The Fire on those miles. So I made reservations, but before I cashed in the tickets, the Lord spoke to me in a dream and told me we were to go to the healing conferene at Victoria BC instead. (He spoke the same thing to Victoria.) In the dream, God clothed me in a new outfit for ministry.. sort of a purple southern belle gown with elbow length white gloves that were coated with jewells.. only the left glove was missing and God told me to go get it. When I awoke and sought the Lord for an interpretation, He told me the jewelled gloves were symbolic of a heaing anointing and I should go to Victoria BC to get it. That was about 6 weeks before the conference.

Monday night before the conference began the Lord reminded me of the dream and spoke to me about it for two hours, promising He would meet me there in wonderful ways and that I would see His healing flow forth from my hands. As long as we were talking, I asked Him if He could somehow arrange for me to be on the ministry team.. I love to pray for people! Well the next day, I went into a shop and saw the exact gown from my dream hanging on a rack.. it startled and surprised me. So I tried it on.. and it fit. As I was wearing it, God spoke to me again and said that He was definately sending me to Victoria BC to impart a healing anointing into me and that He would also arrange for me to be on the ministry team. (I did not buy the dress because it was much more expensive than I could afford, but just seeing the dress from my dream in real life really built my faith! I had every confidence God was sending me there to give me a healing anointing.)

We flew all day Wednesday and arrived at the conference Wednesday night. I really liked Charles.. he preaches a simple message that certainly builds faith and there is absolutely no hype or manipulation... but there is a lot of the power of God! The sick were healed as he prayed for them.

Thursday morning we went to leader's meeting with Charles, and he enocuraged us to present a simple and positive gospel rather than try to get complicated... his ministry buddy Jeff enocuraged us to live our convictions (rather than preach them) and to preach Jesus .. and to present Him as good news. That message really stuck with me.

At that leader's meeting, Victoria and I were "invited" -- ok, I asked and was given permission -- to be on the ministry team. YES!!! Just like God promised me. That night we came early for the ministry team pre-prayer and instruction... and God showed up.. it was pretty much like a renewal meeting! God comes in power and empowers those of His people who are seeking Him.. He **is** a rewarder of those who dilligently seek Him.

It was a wonderful experience to be on the ministry team. The worship was spectacular.. the teaching good and the ministry time powerful. Personally, I saw some routine healings, but nothing spectacular... just some back and neck injuries healed, and stuff like that.. all the same it was neat to see God come and heal people as we prayed and asked Him to. He is a good God! It was a great night for us.. a wonderful meeting. God's sweet presense was tangible all over the building. My highlight of the evening was that the Lord gave me a word of knowledge that one lady I prayed for was not saved.. so I got to lead her to the Lord before praying for her healing... then God healed her!

The next morning, we decided to go souvenir shopping.. and also to purchase a bracelet for our wonderful friend/hostess Christine. The Lord had spoken to Victoria and I to get her a bracelet with prophetic significance.. relating to some prophetic ministry we'd done for Christine the night before. We found a gold bracelet with 5 different colored stones in it and were discussing how it could be symbolic of what God had propheticly said to Christine the previous night.

Andrew, the person waiting on us, said he'd never heard that (the prophetic significance) about this particular bracelet before.. so we began to share our faith with Him. The message of keeping gospel simple and good news was burning in both of our minds, and we presented the good news in very simple terms, and were soon embracing a brand new brother in the faith! God is good! Well, sharing Jesus was a lot more fun than shopping, so soon we found that we were looking for folks to share Jesus with instead of looking at objects in the stores.. and God provided us with more opportunites. It is so much fun to present the good news and to watch the Holy Spirit move on people's hearts.

We got back in time for the evening meeting.. and the ministry team pre-service prayer time was another renewal meeting.. oh did God show up... His fire and His joy were all over me. It was beyond description. God touched Victoria powerfully too. (The ministry team pre-prayer, in and over itself, would have been worth flying out to Victoria BC for!) God shows up there!

After worship, they called leaders up to pray for us for an impartation. Victoria and I went up.. Charles Ndifon spoke to us and exhorted us that the impartation/anointing were not for us personally, but to minister God's kingdom. We all nodded our heads in agreement, desiring more than anything to be used to forward God's kingdom in His power. Charles prayed a prayer over the group, and the power and presense of God was so strong that many of us found it difficult to remain standing. Somehow I was still on my feet when Charles got to me to lay hands on me and pray for an impartation. The instand he touched my forehead, I heard God say that He was imparting an increased healing anointing in me.. that was why He sent me here. I felt God's power all over me and I went down the instant Charles touched me... then I felt a peace come over me and I laid there very quietly. At first God was all over me.. soon that diminished, and I became aware of Victoria laying next to me.. God was all over her and she was shaking and crying.. then she started laughing. I was a tad disappointed that my own experinece was not more powerful. I remembered thinking to myself "It looks like Victoria 'got it'.. Lord, please give it to me too."

The Lord replied that He had already done so, but to lay still and not get up just yet, because He had more He wanted to do in me. At that instant I had a choice.. I could have gotten back up and went to my seat.. but I choose to stay there and obey God. A few minutes later, God's power and presense came on me so tangibly that I was not aware of anything else. God was real and present and I was very much aware of Him. He reminded me that He has sent me here for an impartation of healing anointing and that He had most certainly done that in me. He also spoke to me about boldness and how He was going to increase His boldness and faith in me.. that I might go forth in this anointing and serve Him. It did not seem like it took very long (though I am told that I was "down" for quite some time).

When I sat up, they were just finishing the altar call and invited those who needed healing to come forward. It took me a few minutes to be able to stand.. by then people were placing their hands over the part of their body that needed healing and Charles was praying for them, as a group, over the microphone. Ministry team people were laying hands on various ones and praying for them. The Lord called my attention to a woman who was standing by herself. He told me to go pray for her... she had glasses on and her hand was over her right eye. I was not sure what she needed healing of.. maybe near-sightedness?? In obedience, I went over to her and placed my hand over her hand and prayed something like.. "In the name of Jesus Christ, I command you to be healed right now!" The power of God hit her and she went down.

We had been instructed to leave people alone when they are down, rather than soaking them in prayer. I wanted to interview her and find out what happened, but it did not look like I would have the chance.. she was going to be down for a while. So I moved on to the next lady. Charles was no longer praying in the microphone, so I interviewed her, prayed briefly and with authority and then interviewed her again. She said she was healed! I doubled checked and asked her to see if she could make it hurt (a back injury).. she could not... and she had pain when we first started praying! Praise God.

About then, the lady I'd prayed for jumped up, screamed, "I can see!!" and ran forward to give her testimony. She had been totally blind in her right eye and now she could see... Wow! Talk about a faith booster for me! I could see that God was in the business of healing! I saw God do some awesome things that night as I prayed.. a lady deaf in her left ear got her hearing back! A lady with a serious left knee problem got healed and could walk ok afterwards. One lady had a digestive problem and lots of pain .. when I put my hand on her stomach it got burning hot.. and she was amazed at the heat.. when the heat went away, there was not any more pain.. Almost everyone I prayed for God healed.. and I seldom prayed more than 2 or 3 sentences. God was definately in a healing mood that night and it was so much fun to be allowed to participate in that with Him! I was so excited about what He had done that I was telling anyone who would listen! On the same night I saw a blind eye open, a deaf ear hear and someone with a lame knee walk normally! WOW!

And from what I can gather, God was moving powerfully all over the room, He was not a respector of **who** was doing the praying, but He was quick to heal. Not everyone was healed, but many were and God definately demonstrated His power and His glory and His love/compassion for the hurting and wounded. What a good God we serve!

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