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Giving A Timely Prophetic Word (Dec 31, 1997)

Last year around Febuary I had met a woman J- who runs a deliverance ministry back East. When I was visiting a friend who is on J-'s ministry team last Feb, I got the opportunity to meet J-. We sorta clicked and J- gave me her home phone number. We've touched bases once or twice since then.

Today is new years eve. Early this morning, I was in the shower. All of the sudden the Lord brought J- to my mind and I could feel His anointing on me quite strongly. I started getting fragments of a word for her.

"Lord," I asked, "Do You have a word for me to give to J-?" I seemed to get a strong YES.

It was 5:30 AM my time and 8:30 AM her time... much too early to call someone who I hardly know. So, I told the Lord I'd call her when I got to work.

"No," He said, "call her now."

I got out of the shower, dripping wet, and went downstairs wraped in a towell to got my cordless phone. Then I came back upstairs to the computer room -- still dripping wet -- and looked up J-'s phone number on my computer. Then I dialed it.

Even before the phone began to ring, I told the Lord that if she didn't answer by the end of the 2nd ring, I was going to hang up and call back at a more reasonable time.

J- answered on the first ring. Yes, she remembered me and wondered how I was. I assured her I was fine and then told her I had a word from the Lord for her, would it be OK to give it to her? That was more than OK with her... she had me pause briefly while she got a pencil so she could take notes.

It was a short word, but here is a brief summary of it:

Ministry will open up to you in 1998, both locally and internationally. There had been tremendous spiritual forces opposing you, which is why things have been so slow and difficult in 1997. But God is overcoming these forces. He is doing two things for you in regard to that. The first is divine protection over you and your household. The second is that He is sharpening your discernment so that you will be able to tell instantly whether or not an opportunity is from Him, you will know exactly which doors to walk through and which ones are traps. But 1998 is going to be a year with ministry begins to really open up to you even on an international level.

Then she began to cry... and I do mean cry. J- told me that it has been really difficult for her these past 3 or 4 monthes and that she went to Toronto (to TACF) last weekend to seek the Lord. She had been asking Him for direction for a few monthes -- and He'd been strangly silent. And there had been intense levels of warfare (especialy in the form of attacks from outside against her family), to the point where she could hardly function in the ministry.

She had told God that she was really desparate and that if He did not give her a word before the first of the year, she was going to quit. (And Dec 31 is, of course, and the last day before the first of the year.) J- said that my word addressed exactly the things that she had been seeking Him on.

She was crying, and I was not sure what to do, so I started to pray out loud for her. I prayed for His peace and joy and victory to come on her and thanked God for what He was doing in her and for the opportunities that He would open up to her in 1998.

After that J- and I chatted briefly. She told me that she would be tied up with a meeting all day and would have been difficult to reach if I'd called any later... so God really meant it when He told me to call her "now" .. otherwise she might not have gotten the word she'd been asking Him for by year end (today)!! Wow, God sure knows what He is doing! I am so impressed with Him!

I am so excited that He let me participate with Him in this! I love it! I really love the prophetic!!! You probably can't tell , but I am really excited by this! I wanted to share it with you!

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