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This word is submitted by Risa Utley (RUtley4779@aol.com)


The Sword Of Truth

The Lord spoke to me very clearly one morning that there was a Sword coming upon the land. But this was not a sword of war but a Sword of Truth.

The Sword would cut away all that was not of Him. This Sword of Truth would expose and make plain the light and the dark, there would be no more gray. For anything that was not of Him, any piece of us that we had not allowed His Spirit to deal with, those areas where compromise had taken place, He was going to remove. He told me to not fear the Sword, it IS coming.

He WILL have a Holy Bride, a Holy Church and this is necessary. But if we would seek Him, humble ourselves and submit to His cleansing willingly, without reservation, when the Sword came it would be much "easier" for those who had already allowed Him to cleanse and heal. Those who either refused or were so blinded by their own agendas would find it a very trying time.