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This word is submitted by Jim Donovan (JDono78832@aol.com)


Struggle Not

Look to Me where your help comes from.
Trust Me I am there in the midst of the struggle.
Take up My sword which will bring strength.
Rest in Me, be still and know I am God.

I am your healer, I am your deliver, Trust Me.
Spend time in My word, I am always there.
I never leave you or forsake you, Trust Me.
Come to Me I am there in the struggle.

I will bring you through all situations.
No matter how small or big I am your refuge.
Dwell in Me, Trust Me in the struggle.
No mountain is to big for me, Trust Me.
I shall bring you through the storms of life.
And bring you to higher heights with me.

I am your captain, let Me direct your paths.
I am in control, lean on Me, I am the answer.
To every situation, Trust Me, Struggle Not.

So harken to My voice, yeild to My spirit.
Let go of the things of this world, lean on Me
I am your refuge and deliver in times of need.

Draw nigh unto Me, Struggle Not, Dwell in My presence.
I am leading you through the storms of life.
To a higher height and depth in Me.

Come soak in My presence, spend time in My word.
Take forth my word and apply it to life situations.
I am the one that removes the darkness.
I bring forth light , newness of life and hope.
I am your healer, deliver and refuge, rest in Me.

Struggle not I am removing the obstacles and the hindrances.
So struggle not, walk in My fulness, this is a new day.
Trust Me, you have victory in Me this day.
You are more than a conquerer in Me.
Receive My Love this day, and go forth.
In my assurance, My boldness and authority.
You have the victory in Me , struggle not.
I am the alpha and the omega, I am bringing you through.
So rest in Me, be still and know I am God.

In Him Jim Donovan