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This word is submitted by Loleen Denney (mdenney@wyoming.com)


The Way is Narrow

I have had several people saying to me "What is happening to me? I don't feel the Lord in the same way, I feel like He has left me, or things that I thought were dealt with are rising to the surface, I feel so uncomfortable."

As I was thinking about all of this. This is what I "felt" I heard and "saw".

I "saw" a side view of where the body has been, where we are going, and the path to getting there. On the left was the old of where we have been, leading out of there was a hallway. As a person progressed down the hall way the passage got narrower and narrower and more and more "stuff" had to drop off and be left behind because it just couldn't fit. Before the person got to the opening the passage got so narrow that only the person could fit just barely, the head touched the top and the shoulders scraped the sides and the hands had to be flat against the legs in order to get through. As the person squeezed through the opening they entered a very large room.

What I "felt" was that we all know that we are passing from one season into a new one. We have been in a broad place that has accommodated all of our baggage that we have grown accustomed to and collected, whether personal or religious. The Lord has been convicting us to get rid of it and cry out for Holiness, but we have enjoyed where we are and our stuff. In order for us to enter into this new season we must go through this narrow passage way of crying out for HOLINESS, PURITY, AND HONESTY with all of our hearts.

We must embrace this uncomfortable place we are finding ourselves in, do inventory, and desire cleansing. We also have the choice to stay in the old with our stuff and not be a part of the new, choose not to count the cost and continue on with our lives they way that they are. If we choose to do that we will miss being a part of the most exciting time in the history of the church.

The cry of my heart for a long time has been for purity, to understand His Holiness and what it means to walk in it. After "seeing" this I now am crying out for Him to not only purify me, but block up the way behind me so that even if tempted, I can not turn back to the old. I want to keep going forward to this new place unencumbered with the "stuff". I want to walk in the new season of the Lord useable, free, and holy before Him. Let this become the cry of your heart also.

Because of Him
Loleen Denney