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This word is submitted by Bill Hardaway (WHard1954@aol.com)


I am closing the gap between us

I desire to touch you with a fresh anointing of my Spirit. I will allow my presence to grow in your life, until you feel it continually. As you are consumed by my presence my glory will be manifested in you. Then you will truly know me as I have longed to reveal myself to you. I am closing the gap between and bringing oneness between us.

I will not fail or disappoint you!

Everything that once was and is going to be, has been seen by Me. I know everything long before it comes to pass. Nothing can surprise Me, nothing can escape my view. I want you to know that you are in a place that I have lead you. I have been guiding you each and every step. I have been fulfilling all that I have promised you. In a short time you will see how greatly and how far you have come. Now allow me to finish the things I have begun in your life. I will not fail or disappoint you!

Bill Hardaway