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Date: May 25, 2006

This word is submitted by Steven Bliss (godsfire@woh.rr.com)


                             Standing Firm

Stand firm in Me.
Examine Me.
Embrace the truth of My Word.
I am truth.

I have laid down My life
so you might live in abundance.
What I have done stands eternal.

I have equipped you as new citizens.
Walk in Me and allow Me to show you My love.
Learn to increase your trust in Me.
I am truth and life.

In Me you can accomplish kingdom results;
Speak redemption by offering acceptance.
Feed My people what I have given you.
Share My bread of life.

Stand firm.
Weather the storms and grow in Me.

All resources are Mine.
Spread them into My kingdom
that the net of My ways will increase.

I have equipped you to accomplish My ways.
Walk in the truth I have presented, yet remain open.
Grounded in what I have spoken, more will be shown you.

Stop examining your supposed lack.
I have equipped you to work in My ways.
Through Me My kingdom grows.