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Date: May 24, 2006

This word is submitted by Debi Thomas (debilthomas@yahoo.ca)


                     Trust Me with Your Life

I give rest to the weary. Hide yourself in Me. I am the shelter from the
storms of life.  I am your peace. Waves are rising all around you, but I
am your lighthouse, your refuge.  Delight yourself in Me. Lay down your
heavy burdens. I am your strength. Stand firm on My promises. I am your
healer.  I am a holy fire.

Draw near to Me. Do not fear. I am with you always. I lead you to higher
ground when the waters become too deep. You will not drown.  I am an
all-consuming Fire. Let Me burn in you.

I will show you My glory. I will take you to new dimensions. Trust Me with
your life.  Come, spend time with Me. Allow  Me to mold you into My likeness.
I give My beloved  rest for their souls.

Look not to man for the answers, but to Me, alone. I am the answer.  I will
take care of you. I will supply all of your needs. I will lead you each day
to new horizons as you yield yourself to Me. Study My word and remember My
promises. I will satisfy your every longing. Walk by faith. Hold on to My
promises. I will bless you abundantly.

Don't look at the circumstances, but look to Me. Seek My face. Learn My ways.
Sing songs of praise. Rejoice, for I am with you always. I love you, My
child. Rest in Me.