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Date: May 9, 2006

This word is submitted by Steven Bliss (godsfire@woh.rr.com)


                         Look Through My Eyes

Look through My eyes.
Allow My salve to cleanse your eyes.
Permit My Spirit to adjust the filter of your lens.

Look carefully without an accusing eye
and see Me in those around you.

Allow Me, and let your plank be removed
without damaging blinding results.
Look through My eyes and gain fresh vision.

Allow My correction to bring in more light
For I dispel all forms of darkness.

Open your eyes in expectation.
Be like a child at Christmas, anxious to see and open the gifts.
Allow Me to show you the great value I see within you.

Do not be timid,
But draw closer to Me. 
Sit in My presence and receive those things
I will show and reveal to you.

It is My pleasure that you have sight.
It is My desire that you see who I am.
It is My ways that the cataracts of limitation
be removed from you.

Look through My eyes.
See the vastness of the love for you I contain.


This word is submitted by Ray Puen (raypuen@sbcglobal.net)

                       Three Doors
Behold I stand at one of your doors. I can't come in because the door handle 
is on the inside. I won't come in anyway unless you invite Me. Will you? 
Because I bring you good news.
The good news is that this door to your past need never be opened again. I've 
come to assure you this by posting a notice on the door to declare that it 
has been sealed. The notice is spelled F-O-R-G-I-V-E-N.
If you allow Me, let's post this encouraging note on the inside of your 
third door where you can always see it and be reminded of its encouragement. 
It invites you to look to the future with purpose, hope and resolve. It's 
spelled P-R-E-S-S  O-N. You can do this be forgetting the past and reaching 
forward to what lies ahead. I encourage you to press on towards the goal I'm 
setting before you.
But today, I would like very much to be invited through your second door of 
your present where we can sit and have a warm cup to drink. I would like to 
personally deliver this word by telling you that you can make a choice. 
Choose today whom you will serve. As we enjoy an intimate moment together, 
I will spell this word for you: D-E-C-I-D-E. Today is your present and it 
will be full of decisions. I know that if we spend a few moments together 
at the beginning of your day, you will make good decisions the rest of the 
Will you invite Me in?


This word is submitted by Lonnie Mackley (lonman46@yahoo.com)


            I Will Heal and Restore Your Broken Relationships
My dear precious one, I have felt your anguish and heartache over the years 
concerning the people you have lost in the past in order to come away and 
serve Me. I have heard your thoughts and prayers each night concerning 
these people, and I know how much they have meant to you and how hard it 
has been for you to be away from them. But I would tell you this day that 
even as Lazarus lay in the grave and was considered truly dead but I 
brought him back to life, so I am also able to bring your broken and dead 
relationships back to life. Your old sorrow will soon become new joy.
I told you in My word that if you were to follow Me that it might mean that 
you would lose certain people in your life that might distract and even 
oppose My work in you, and now you know exactly what that means and how 
terribly it hurts. But I have kept what is important to you tucked into 
My pocket and there it has remained until this appointed day of restoration. 
Even as the grieving widow mourned for her dead child in his coffin and 
I touched that situation and granted him new life, I want you to have 
faith that I can also do this same thing in your situation, and in your 
dead relationships.
But I would call you today to first forgive all those who hurt and rejected 
you. I would call you to release your offenders from the prison of your 
heart and allow them to run free into My hands. I alone am qualified to 
judge your situation and those who harmed you, and I alone know what dwells 
in men's hearts and why they do the hurtful things that they do. I will 
deal with their offenses. Some people I will restore back into your life, 
and others I will just heal your heart concerning them so that it doesn't 
hurt you anymore. When you truly forgive, I am then released to heal both 
you and them. 
So I would call you this day, My faithful one, to have faith in Me to do 
what you cannot and to grant fresh grace upon this thing that has been barred 
to you for so long. Without My life nothing can live, and this works in 
relationships as well. I can attract people together with My grace, and I 
can repel them without it. But know this, that I only do what is good and 
right in anyone's life, and so I also dealt with you. I was not being 
cruel. Though you have felt childless and friendless, behold now I will give 
you many children, and many friends. My favor is upon you My dear one, so 
I would once again call you to trust Me to heal and restore your broken 


This word is submitted by Debi Thomas (debilthomas@yahoo.ca)


                         I Am Perfecting You

So many are feeling down. It is then that they are more susceptible to the 
attacks of the enemy.  If they would only call out to Me, I would come to
them and take away their pain. I long to hold them close to My breast. They 
lash out at others, even those close to them, because they are in despair, 
and hurting, and it causes them to see things in a negative manner.  They  
lash out at others, because they don't know how to handle their pain. 

Forgive readily, My children. Don't hold onto the pain and hurt, but call 
out to Me, and I will hold you close, and wipe away your tears. Trust Me 
with your loved ones. Live peacefully with everyone to the best of your 
ability.  Remember that I am your strength. Watch your words, as those who 
are hurting will take things the wrong way. If they would only look up, 
they would see that I am all they need. 

I have given you joy and peace. I am your strong tower and refuge. You have
tried Me, and found Me faithful. I alone give you abundant life. I alone am 
your healer. Praise Me. Talk to Me often, for I am right here with you. I 
know your every desire, your every need. I am perfecting you daily, shaping 
you into My image. I love you, My child. You are precious to Me. Keep on 
keeping on.  Persevere, for I have given you the keys of the kingdom. Walk in 
My joy.