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Date: Oct 22, 2002

This word is submitted by Patrick Mcbane (MCBANEP@PIOS.com)


		A Sweeping Move

I wanted to submit this for your encouragement.

The prophetic picture I got was of a heavenly broom and a heavenly dust pan
in the hands of the Lord. He was sweeping things together. He was sweeping
things into place. His sweeping wind of change was blowing across the lives
of people who were desirous of Him.  His sweeping hand was gentle yet 
purposeful. The sweeping was a gathering together of hearts who have been 
and will continue to seek after Him and position themselves as set apart 
for Him. 

The broom quickly changed into a winnowing fork and the Lord began to lift 
and sift that which was gathered. 

"Separate unto Me, consecrate unto Me, get ready, get ready, get ready.
For this is the 'Day of the Lord'. For a day is like a thousand years - and 
a thousand years is like a day. The culmination of years is being formed 
into One Day."   

This is not a day as we know it, but a day in God's economy where many 
things that have been on hold will begin to release.  It will be a day 
when those things which were held back will be ushered quickly into 
existence.  It will be a day of mercy, grace, direction and positioning.  

"Watch," says the Lord.  "Watch as I lift many of you out of what was 
insignificant and restraining and place you into position for such a time 
as this."  

The waiting - the wandering - the wondering is coming to an end, and the 
beginning is like that of a new day in His presence with great clarity, 
confirmation and calling being fulfilled. Bless His Holy Name!